3 Things to Consider Before Buying An RV – RV Buying Tips! 

By  Luann Street


Buying an RV can be an overwhelming task.  So many questions run through your mind and soon it all becomes daunting and hard to make a decision.

The 3 things in this article will give you some tips on your next or first RV buying process.

I've purchased four different RVs. So I want to talk about these three things that you really need to consider when you're deciding to purchase and how some of these things came into play in my own decision-making, especially when I bought my fourth RV.

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3 Things to Consider Before Buying An RV

3 RV Buying Tips!

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RV Buying Tip #1 

Determine How You Are Going To Use It

Deciding how you're going to use it will help you avoid the pitfalls of buying something that is either too large or too small, or is isn't giving you the benefit of what you thought you were going to buy it for.

So for instance, right, if you are only going to use it to go to the lake on weekends, as a family getaway, you probably don't want a motorhome. 

You may want to consider a towable rig. Leaving it stationary is so different than active traveling....things to think about.

When we bought our second RV, we knew we wanted to full-time in it. The current rig had a short queen in it and that wasn't going to be something that we wanted for our full-time rig.  We wanted something that was a little more home,

You really want to figure that out how are you going to use this RV.

Just because you're going full-time doesn't mean that it has to be the biggest rig you can absolutely have. We were super comfortable in our 36 foot motor home, super comfortable coming down from a 43 foot. We really didn't get rid of a whole lot of stuff in order to fit into that 36 foot rig.  And what we did get rid of, we didn't miss any of it.

Many times the mentality when we're going to go full time is that it needs to be the house replacement. And while that could be true for some non-negotiables - size of bed, washer/dryer etc. Getting the biggest forty-five foot motorhome or fifth wheel that you're going to have to pull down the road can become quite cumbersome.

Another thing to consider is, if you are going to travel a lot and you want to move quickly from place to place so that you can see more things, that rig is going to look differently than what I would call a 'go and stayer'.

If you want to be able to go and to stay longer and have that more home-like and set up  for a longer period of time - that looks differently than hopping in and driving to the next place and having the opportunity to maybe even see things along the way between your destinations. 

Small, big, or somewhere in between - no one can determine your wants and needs only you can,

Most importantly when purchasing your RV,  you need to be thinking through the lens of how you're going to use it.

So that was the first thing you want to consider.  Number 2 is next.

Luann Street


Deciding how you're going to use your new RV will help you avoid the pitfalls of overbuying or under buying.


RV Buying Tip #2

Don't Be Afraid of Buying Used

The second thing I want you to consider is to not be afraid of buying used. I've done both. We've had three used rigs and one new, if I was to buy again, I would buy used.

Buying used helps get rid of all the things left undone in production and things that come from just being in a new rig.


The reality is that the new rig is not tested at the factory very well. Having someone else buying it first and getting all the kinks out of it, eliminates a lot of issues.  So finding a well-used rig can really be a benefit to both your pocketbook and your ability to have repairs or recalls already done before you start embarking on your journey.

You can get great peace of mind by getting  an RV inspector to inspect it, before you buy it. This way you will know what you're looking at as far as repairs go or that it's perfectly fine and everything's been done and it's good and ready to go.

So my second tip is consider buying used....moving on to #3 🙂


Luann Street


Don't be afraid to buy used. Use an RV Inspector to help you gain piece of mind about your purchase.


RV Buying Tip #3

Who You Buy From Does Matter

When buying an RV, who you buy from does matter.

Here we are talking about the dealer(service) and/or the manufacturer.

When buying from a dealer and using their service department consider the dealers reputation and most importantly the service departments reputation.

If you are going to part-time RV this is an important consideration.

Identifying the dealer/service closest to you will help you in getting service in the future. If you buying it used somewhere else, this dealer/service can actually support you in the repairs for your rig.  An important thing to note is what manufacturer do they sell?  This means they have experience in that manufacturer and will have experience in repairing it and most likely parts on hand.

Check the reviews of their service department. Many times when you buy it from a dealer you're dealing with the salespeople who make everything look so beautiful and shiny and perfect, and then you buy it.

Then there are things that need fixing and you're trying to schedule repairs at  the service department and they're booked six months out.  Then sadly you can't go on the trip that you planned because of this,

Next, let's talk about what kind of manufacturer are you considering buying? There are good manufacturers, better manufacturers and best manufacturers. 

That being said, they're all RVs, right? They're are rolling earthquakes. They all go down the road and things, rumble and fall and come loose.

RV repair is a fact of life.  Any RV you buy will need something at one time or another.  RV repairs are often encountered when you're traveling all the time.

There are plenty of high quality, fifth wheels, travel trailers, motorhomes where the manufacturer is super supportive and can really help you with getting things fixed and optimized so that you're able to travel and not think about fixing your RV all the time, but really enjoying it.

We've all heard the horror stories of people who buy their rigs and it spends more time in the shop than traveling in it.

Choosing a reputable manufacturer and service location will save you tons of headache in the future.

These 3 RV buying tips should help you get started but buying an RV is often overwhelming and frustrating.  This purchase is often one of the 2nd largest financial purchases of our lifetime.  

If you can avoid some pitfalls and narrow your focus before you buy it's a win, win!

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