Our Top 3 RV Tips for Making the Most of Your RV Lifestyle 

By  Luann Street


The RV lifestyle is desired by so many. RVers everywhere have different goals and intentions for their unique RV life. These top 3 RV tips for making the most of your RV lifestyle will help you live that life – the way you want but make it go more smoothly.


Our Tops 3 RV Tips for Making the Most of Your RV Lifestyle | These tips for your RV lifestyle will help you enjoy your RV travels better. | www.streetswander.com


Our Top 3 RV Tips for Making the Most of Your RV Lifestyle

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RV Tips     #1: Keep Your RV Ready to Go


Keeping your RV maintained is the first step to a happy RV lifestyle.  When you aren’t using it often and you suddenly want to get in it and go somewhere fun, if you haven’t kept up with the maintenance…you will have a sad day.  Doing a monthly check on it when you aren’t not using it will give you a heads up on things you will need to do before your next camping trip.  If you are proactive on the maintenance you will have more fun in the long run.  RV’s are meant to be used often and when they sit for an extended period things go wrong.  Make sure you have a maintenance schedule that you stick to when you RV is in storage or not being used. This RV tip will help you avoid disappointment when you want to be spontaneous and get out into the outdoors.

Keeping it packed is the other part of keeping it ready to go.  When we weren’t living in our RV, I kept most things duplicated into the RV for a quick and easy getaway.  How many times have you opened your kitchen drawer and discovered you have two of something?  Put it in the RV!  My second-rate kitchen stuff became my first-rate RV stuff!  Then I made a small list of things that I had to last-minute pack and we were off!  The other strategy I used to keep ready is a Sterlite storage bin that I used to carry stuff back and forth from the RV to the house.  When I stripped the sheets and towels from the RV to wash them, I packed them back into the storage bin so they didn’t get mixed up in our household laundry to get lost.


RV Tips     #2: Planning Ahead Can Reduce Decision Fatigue


RVing is a weekend or week-long getaway for most of us. If we are planning on visiting a cool destination, planning your trip ahead of time and all of your destination activities can help to avoid decision fatigue.  Travel planning is tough and requires thought and effort and organization.

If you only have a short time to go and take a break from real life, planning ahead can help you enjoy your getaway more. To do a good job of travel planning, use a travel planner like one we designed just for RVers.  You can get an un-dated (or dated if you like that option) version that you can use when you only camp on weekends or quarterly or for extended trips for vacations.  Or if you just need something even simpler we will send you a FREE Campground Reservation Log to record your campground reservations.


RV Tips    #3: Make for Easy Travel Days


RV traveling often includes a day or two (if not more) of just traveling to get to a destination.  Those travel days can be tedious.  But there are ways to make them easier! First, enjoy the process.  I call this enjoying the in-between.  #enjoytheinbetween

The road trip can be an experience too.  Plan to do some travel games to keep the juice flowing while driving (yes, you can do them even if you don’t travel with children! 😊 )

Then if you didn’t overdo it with planning to drive too many miles on these days you can enjoy the camping experience on your overnights.  Grill out, build a campfire, explore the campground.  We miss so much when we use campgrounds as sleepover stops and not let them be part of the experience.

Planning your travel day food ahead of time can eliminate unplanned stops that can get you in a driving pickle if you aren’t careful!  We plan our travel day food ahead of time by knowing what snacks and lunch foods we are going to eat.  Then we make sure we can access that food with our slides in. If you are in a 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer – pack a cooler for the truck. Next, we look ahead to find a rest stop on our route that will stop at if we are traveling by interstate.  We generally don’t pull into a place to go eat because we don’t want to navigate the RV into parking lots that we are unfamiliar with and get stuck.

We hope these RV tips will keep you enjoying your RV lifestyle to the fullest.  It’s often the little things that make all the difference in keeping our RV days running smoothly!



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