RV Mistakes We Made As Newbies 

By  Luann Street


Every RVer makes RV mistakes.  The best way to not make mistakes is by learning from RVers who have gone before you.  That way, you can learn from their RV mistakes and make your own unique ones!  😊  These are the mistakes we made immediately after buying an RV.


RV Mistakes We Made After Buying Our RV | Don't make these 3 RV mistakes! | www.streetswander.com|



RV Mistake #1

We were so excited to take off on our first camping trip with our new RV that we made a trip 3.5 hours from home.  We drove the motorhome off the lot at our RV delivery appointment and went to our first campground. (don’t do it!)

This was a mistake because we weren’t fully knowledgeable of all of our RV systems and how to operate basic things, like where all the light switches were.  We forgot things and had to do without because we didn’t have a car with us.

So avoid our first mistake by camping close to home and get to know your RV before you venture off, hours away and you can also run home if you forgot your toothbrush!


RV Mistake #2

Since our first campsite was 3.5 hours away, we underestimated the true measurement of RV travel……slow.  RV’s are bigger and take longer to get fuel, get on and off the road and if you are doing it right, driving slower than you would in a car.

On our trip down there, we decided to stop at Camping World for them to listen to a belt that was squealing on our new to us motorhome.  When we left the store, we went to get fuel and couldn’t get out of our rig.  The tech that worked on our RV had slammed the door so hard that we couldn’t open the door to get out to get fuel.  We had to turn around and dive back to Camping World and yell out our driver's window to someone to help us get out of the RV!  We were so embarrassed!  The slamming of the door had broken the door mechanism, and the RV tech had to climb in the front window to get inside to drill out the door and put in a new one.

This little adventure put us way behind on our original plan. So we were unaware of another mistake we were yet to make.


RV Mistake #3

Mistake #2 had us arriving after dark into a very crowded campground close to the beach.  This campground did not take you to your site and help you in any way except a map and a highlighter.

It was so dark, and to make matters worse, we missed the turn onto the road for our site, and we ended up trying to navigate the RV through a huge mass of people partying in the road and get turned around to find our site.  I think you can only imagine the stress Bryan was under trying to do all this!

The drama didn’t stop there. When we found our assigned site, Bryan had to back the RV into a VERY narrow RV site, in the dark with me trying to direct him!  This was his first time backing into a site and me the first time directing him (and now in the dark)…..as the adage goes….don’t try this at home!  But we say, yes, try this at home, not 3.5 hours away, in the dark.

As time goes on, we find this story humorous and laugh about it often.  It was not, however humorous at the time, and we immediately had learned three very important newbie RV lessons.

Please learn from us and avoid the 3 RV mistakes after buying your RV by following these rules:

  1. Always camp close to home for your first camping trip
  2. Always plan for more time than you think you need for RV travel.
  3. Always arrive before dark unless you already know what to expect and can park your RV with ease.

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These 3 RV mistakes have shaped our RV experiences in multiple ways.  Now that we are seasoned RVers, we still follow rules number 2 and 3 for stress-free RV travel.  Please share with us some mistakes you have made and help others avoid doing them too!  Put them in the comments below!



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