How to Have Your RV Dream 

By  Luann Street



The RV Dream.  Do you have an RV Dream?  If you do, what is holding you back from designing your RV life?  What obstacles are you facing that are preventing you from moving forward to buy an RV, travel in RV or even live in an RV full-time?   Some people have an RV dream and make it happen for themselves without a lot of effort.  Others have more of a struggle to overcome the challenges that they have in their life before they can have it.  Obstacles like time, money, jobs, fear, doubt, illness, property….the list goes on.  Your RV dream is important and we want to help you cut through some mindset that could be holding you back from living it today.  


How to Have Your RV Dream | Do you have an RV dream and don't know how to make it happen? Get clear on it when you read this article. | www.streetswander.com


  When it comes to RVing, What is holding you back?

The RV Dream

So many people we talk to think that our full-time RV lifestyle is so amazing.  But the next sentence out of their mouth is usually, “that’s really cool but I have too many things that keep me from doing it.  I’ll just have to wait until I retire.”  I try to encourage them but they just can’t see how they can possibly make it work. 

Truth be told….that was us….5 years ago.  Too many responsibilities, both of us had a job, we owned a home and even deeper than that, we thought this lifestyle was for retired people….just like most people.

It wasn’t until we challenged our own mindset that we started to search for ways to make it happen.  You have to believe you can do something even if it currently looks like there are too many things in the way.  A little research, a little out-of-the-box thinking, a little faith, and your thinking will begin to shift. We are so programmed to think we have to live this life in a certain order.  It all starts in our childhood with our parents and ends with society dictating what is a normal course of one's life.  

We started to ask ourselves questions about WHAT IF we could do it now?  What would that look like? We built a dream of our ideal RV life in our heads and it took root.  


Get Clarity on Your RV Dream

The journey to RV freedom starts in your head.

Your RV dream has to have deep roots in order for you to weather the storms that come with the obstacles you will need to overcome to get on the road full-time.  Some of us have bigger challenges than others but the result can be the same if we don’t give up.

Obstacles by definition are a thing that blocks one's way or prevents or hinders progress.  It doesn’t say those obstacles are permanent. Just because something is in the way doesn’t mean you can problem solve it.  

Get some clarity on what you really want to do in your life.  If it’s getting a full-time RV life before you retire….start working on your mindset.  If it’s simply buying an RV to enjoy the free time you have now with your family on weekends and vacation, recognize the obstacle that is holding you back and start to problem solve it.  All problems can be solved….do they always look like what you think they should? Not always….sometimes it’s even better. But how will you know if you don’t take the first step?  


Challenge Your Thinking About Your RV Dream

Our challenge to you today is to write down your dream in a notebook. Design your RV life in detail, what you might do every day or all the cool things you might see.

Now, go ahead list out all the reasons why you feel you can’t have your dream now.  Put down all of them. Begin asking yourself if this obstacle is real or is it just a way you have always been doing something?  Is there another way I can do this or that? Then really start to dissect those obstacles…..often times we think something is much bigger to overcome than it really is.

Now I am not discounting that your obstacles are real….they are real.  What I am saying is that you can figure out how to make this work in your life now, if you will take the time to do the mindset work as well as the physical work.

Is your RV dream worth it?  You deserve to live the life of your dreams!  Don’t let your mindset be the reason you can’t have it.

We believe that when it comes to RVing, Sooner is better than later, Now is the best time and YOU can have the RV life of your dreams!

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