Knowledge We Wish We Had Before RVing 

By  Luann Street


RVing is a hobby or lifestyle that many people enjoy.  There are also a few little known things about RVing that you won’t know until you do buy an RV and travel in it.  These are the 3 things we wish we knew before we started RVing.

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Things We Wish We Knew Before We Started RVing


We wish we knew owning an RV isn’t as expensive as we thought it would be.

There is a common misconception that owning an RV is a very expensive hobby or lifestyle. We automatically had the understanding that it was something we couldn’t afford until all our bills were paid off and we could retire.  But we have since found out that isn’t true at all. Information is a real game-changer.

RV’s range in cost but that doesn’t mean you can’t own and have fun in one right now, even if you can’t travel full-time.  RV’s can often be financed over 15 years so that makes it more affordable for those who want to buy one now and use it often. 


There are some additional expenses of ownership that will vary from circumstance to circumstance. Expenses like insurance, storage cost, and maintenance.  But all in all, we were spending the amount of our RV payment in having fun every weekend eating out and finding things to do.  We just found new entertainment with camping every weekend and having fun in our home away from home.

Do your own research and see if this can be true for your life.

“Stop Wondering & Start Wandering™!”


We wish we knew that traveling in our RV was even better than we imagined!


We had no idea how much fun we would have with our RV!  The very first night in our RV, we were laying in bed watching TV miles from home, and we looked at each other and went….”This isn’t camping! This is glamping!”  We were so excited to be doing it! 

On our first long-distance trip over many days, we had such a great feeling of getting out to explore and coming home to our own bed every night!  No hotels, no bad sleeping or eating terrible continental breakfasts that aren’t good for you!  No more hauling suitcases back and forth to the car.  No more forgetting to pack something….everything was with us!

This trip honestly had us start thinking and expand our thinking to start exploring the full-time RV lifestyle.

The clincher for me was when we were stuck on the interstate in the Northeast at a dead stop; we were able to make lunch and go to the bathroom, not sit in traffic and complain.


We wish we knew that every time we traveled in the RV, we would need to fix something.

RV’s are rolling earthquakes.  When you drive them down the road, things come loose.  One time our hot water heater turned upside down from the rough ride down a highway in Canada. 

If you set your expectations now, you won’t be so disappointed.  It happens to all RV’s no matter how new, old or vintage they are.  The key is being prepared and don’t get overwhelmed with this.  I just used to take it very personally and thought we just got a lemon RV!  So not true, even our brand new one has things happen to it,

like the slide wouldn’t go out and it was a wire that had shaken loose during travel.

Just know that this will happen to you so you can be prepared.  You will need to fix things almost every time you travel. The fun and enjoyment of RVing far outweigh the inconvenience of these issues.

So those are the 3 things we wished we had known before we started RVing!  Having a little bit of knowledge before RVing would have made all the difference! If we had known these things we probably would have started doing it way sooner! 

If you have an RV dream, try to make it happen now.  Don’t wait, live your RV life now and design it to be just what you may have imagined and know you are going to find out it’s even better!

Knowledge Before RVing

Things We Wish We Knew

That owning an RV isn’t as expensive

as we thought it would be.

 That traveling in our RV was

even better than we imagined!

 That every time we traveled in the RV,

we would need to fix something.

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