3 Best RV Upgrades 

By  Luann Street


If you are going to start RVing, these are some of the best RV upgrades you might want to consider to make your life just a little easier and smoother.  It’s worth taking the time and money to do these RV upgrades.   So let’s get started on what you need to know.

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3 Best RV Upgrades


Endless Hot Water Heater

The first thing to upgrade would be your hot water heater.  When you live in a home you don’t need to worry about how much hot water you have or if the soap will still be in your hair when the water gets ice cold, but you do in the RV.  Having a 6 or even a 10-gallon hot water tank is not much.  Yes, you can turn the water off and back on to soap and wash up.  Yes, you can go to the shower house to wash up, but this is also about convenience.  When you start RVing you want to take as many comforts with you as you can and this is definitely one we would recommend.

There are a few brands out there, but the one that we went with was the Truma AquaGo for a few different reasons.  It’s made by a German company that has been making products for leisure RVs for years.  We found that more and more RV manufacturers are putting these systems in their RVs to start with.

So if you are in the market and buying an RV ask about endless hot water for your new rig.  Ours didn't have it and we upgraded at the purchase.  They took out our 10 gallon propane hot water heater and gave it to us.  We sold it on eBay!  The endless hot water unit is designed to fit in the standard RV water heater space.  The only thing left was to have the door painted to match our RV paint colors and design.  This was included in the price of installation.


Solar Power RV Upgrades

The next additional RV upgrade ideas we would suggest is to invest in a solar power.  One of the draws of going RVing is having the ability to boondock or go off-grid.  A lot of people are looking at RVing as going cheaper and getting closer to nature.  With solar, this gives you the ability to go to more remote locations and to boondock quite a bit easier.

If your RV has certain things such as a residential refrigerator the runs strictly off electricity and you want to boondock, you will need solar.

Knowing that we wanted to be able to go to more remote places and knowing we wanted the ability to dry-camp and boondock when we started RVing, we added a Go Power system.  It has 4 - 471 panels which is a total of 680 watts of power.  This system gives us the ability to unplug and we don’t need to worry about our batteries running out.  We can park the RV and leave it without having to worry about the refrigerator because the solar would keep the batteries charged.  As long as you are careful with your power and not running all your appliances at once and monitor your usage, solar panels can be an excellent RV upgrade.

The one drawback that we came across is that we had to upgrade the batteries on the RV as well.  Though the batteries that came with the coach are good, in order to get more out of the system, the battery upgrade would be needed for us.

There is the option of going with Lithium batteries, but it is expensive to do so.  If you are planning on doing a lot of boondocking, then this option may be worth it for you, but if you are still going park to park with the occasional dry-camping, it probably isn’t worth the investment.


Suspension & Steering RV Upgrades

Having a smooth ride is important for everyone involved.  The driver can get fatigued faster and it just makes the ride and traveling uncomfortable when the ride is rough.  We have a motor home that is using an F-350 chassis and we knew when we bought it, we would need to do some RV suspension upgrades to it.

When we bought our first RV, the swaying and the fight to keep it in the lanes became very tiresome. We were then introduced by an RV repair place to the idea of RV suspension upgrades.  So when we purchased our most recent RV from the dealer, we instantly requested that these be done and added on to our purchase.

One of the top rated suspension upgrades that are being put on RVs are Sumo Springs made by SuperSpring.  These are available aftermarket but ours happen to come with it! Lucky us!  Then we added the Roadmaster steering stabilizer and rear sway bar to increase handling capabilities and reduce driver fatigue. 

We are very happy with the upgrades to the steering and stabilizing of our motor home. These additions take a poorly handling RV and turn it into a vehicle that is a joy to drive.  We did an expert interview with the vice president of Roadmaster inside our Design Your RV Life membership, he gave some really great insights on making your RV safer and more pleasurable to drive.

Many people ask us 'what are the best upgrades for my RV?' These are definitely some of the RVupgrades you should consider adding to your RV modifications checklist.  

Depending on your situation, if you have the right tools, proper space and if you have the skill, the solar power and the steering stabilizer could possibly be done as an RV upgrades DIY project.  You can find many of these rv parts online

The endless hot water heater for enjoyable showers,  solar power so you can explore more of the outdoors and not be confined to parks, and lastly the suspension improvements help make your ride and drive as enjoyable as your RVing experience.

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