RV Travel Planning Made Easy 

By  Luann Street



RV travel planning can be fun and frustrating at the same time.  This is one of the more frustrating parts of RV living for us. Planning our routes and finding campsites can take a lot of work but here are some tips to make planning your next RV trip a little easier. 

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RV Travel Planning Made Easy

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Route Planning

Going a trip is fun!  Picking out what to do and where to go is exciting and inspiring.  Getting there and making sure your days of traveling are productive without wearing you out, takes planning.  After we got our first RV we made a plan to go to Prince Edward Island, Canada. We were not full-timers at the time and made this plan for our two-week vacation.  Planning out the trip to get there wasn’t easy.  That is until we found RV Trip Wizard.

This subscription was a lifesaver.  It has integrated campgrounds and setting that you enter for your trip.  Size of your RV and how many miles a day you want to travel.  We highly recommend this software!  It’s web-based and you can print out your itinerary in case you don’t have internet.  It only costs $39/year! It also lets you input your campground memberships so you can get the best price when you choose where to stay.    It's a cool thing to have!



Organizing Your RV Travel

Once we map our routes, we record everything in our travel planner.  This travel planner was designed specifically for RVers to make keeping up with your campground reservations and daily schedule easy.  


THE COMPLETE RV TRAVEL PLANNER has many features unique to RV travel and is our handy reference tool, always at our fingertips.  it helps us keep up with what we need to do and where we need to go!

The RV Travel Planner also has a FREE Companion APP called RV Travel Planner in your APP store. Be sure to get it on your device to be able to access your campground reservations when you don't have access to your travel planner.


Things to keep in mind while traveling in an RV

RV travel takes longer than traveling in a car. It takes longer to move in and out of parking lots and gas stations.  It takes longer to pump fuel. You don’t usually travel at faster speeds.  Make your plans accordingly

Driving a motorhome or pulling a trailer is far more tiring than driving a regular vehicle.  Make your plans accordingly.  

Most frequent RV’ers will tell you that they won’t travel more than 350 miles a day. Most of us even less.

We have actually learned all of the above the hard way.  Take our advice and keep the above things in mind.  We planned our trip to PEI Canada 1500 miles in 3 days….we will never do that again.  We ended up changing our plans when we got there to begin to accommodate our new-found knowledge.  We had to slow down to enjoy ourselves and not wear us out!


Other RV Travel Planning tools to consider

Good Sam Club now how a free trip planning tool for their members.  I have not used it much but if you prefer a free version (free if your already a member).  It does give you various campgrounds but focuses on Good Sam Club Campgrounds.  I feel like all the campground options aren't there but it gives a choice that may be enough for you.

A good RV GPS is a must for RV travel planning especially if you are larger/taller than a Class B motor-home.  Our friends at Techno RV have a Rand McNally GPS and accessories that look very interesting.  What I love about TechnoRV is the personal attention and education that comes with their products.  They will never leave you wondering how to install or use something they sell.

 We personally have the RV specific Garmin  RV 760LMT which is no longer available that we purchased years ago.    An RV specific GPS is important when traveling because it helps you stay off of roads that are too narrow or have overpasses you are too tall for or bridges you are too heavy for.


Books for RV Travel & Navigating

The Next Exit 2018– The Next EXIT 2018 contains the most complete listings of services found at USA Interstate highway exits in print. Gas, food, lodging, shopping, points of interest and so much more. Lightweight, easy to use, chronological listings of every major USA Interstate highway exit. Find everything you need in the windshield, not the rearview mirror. Updated annually.  This makes getting off the highway and navigating exits easy!

2019 Rand McNally Deluxe Motor Carriers' Road Atlas (Rand Mcnally Motor Carriers' Road Atlas Deluxe Edition) –  This is a must-have for helping navigate a larger RV not get stuck in situations that are hard to get out of.  It identifies bridges, overpasses and mountain passes that you can navigate without stress.

The Milepost 2019– This is a must-have for traveling to Alaska through Canada.  The MILEPOST® is Alaska's best known and most extensive travel guide. It was first published in 1949 as a 72-page mile-by-mile guide to the recently opened to the public in Alaska (“Alcan”) Highway. The 2019 edition has more than 700 pages of detailed travel information on 30 major routes―including the Alaska Highway, which celebrated its 75th-anniversary last year―and 60 side trips, totaling more than 15,000 miles of road in Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, and Alberta.


Books for Sightseeing and Scenic Destinations

These books will help you plan day trips going out from destination camping instead of using your RV as the mode of transportation.  I use them to get ideas for area travel and not miss scenic things that we are camping close to. I say this only because if your RV is large, the best roads for seeing things isn't always relaxing to drive and handle an RV on.

The Most Scenic Drives in America, Newly Revised and Updated – The all-in-one trip planner and travel guide-now totally revised and updated-will steer you down the most scenic road every time.

Off the Beaten Path – Off the Beaten Path spotlights over 1,000 of the United States' most overlooked must-see destinations.  Plan an unforgettable vacation with this best-selling travel book-a super-easy reference that shows you where to go, how to get there, and what you need to know before you begin your adventure.

Your Guide to the National Parks- the Complete Guide to all 59 Parks – This award-winning guide, completely updated for the 2017 edition, includes more than 450 new photographs, 160 revised maps, and 50 hiking tables, making it the only guidebook you'll need to explore the United States National Parks. Have fun planning your next RV Trip!  Leave comments below and tell me where you are going next!  I always feel the best way to find out where to travel and how to get there is often each other!  Share your tips for RV travel planning.

Keep your RV travel planning arsenal filled with things that keep you inspired and seeling everything on your bucket list.  

Please share some of your own travel planning tips in the comments below and let's share ideas that will help us all make the most of our RV travel!


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Luann Street

I have a passion to help people who want to travel, design an RV life they love! I was a full-timer along with my husband, Bryan for 5 years. I am now learning to RV solo.

I have created many products that enhance and improve the RV lifestyle:
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  1. Very useful and clear discussion overview of RV trip wizard app. I found your comments and screen shot demo to be very useful. I also agree with you on the circle trip boundaries being only approximately of value, but a very clear target reference for planning.

  2. Great tools! We also use roadtrippers.com as mentioned in another comment. We’re heading to Tennessee next!

    1. Thanks Kristi! There are so many ways! I will still have to check out roadtrippers…I love the ideas there but haven’t played with any planning tools.

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