4 Important RV Travel Day Tips 

By  Luann Street


We cannot stress enough the importance of planning ahead for your RV trip. 

It helps eliminate all the frustrations you might encounter once you’re on the road.

 It’s really nice to start your travel day with ease and less work, since driving to your next destination is work enough!

We’re here to give you some tips on how to prepare for your next RV travel day.

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How To Get Ready For Your RV Travel Day

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Start the day before

Making reservations is a must because most places, especially campgrounds in desired destinations, are crowded especially during what we like to call ‘RV season’.  RV season is March-ish through the end of October. 

Reviewing your reservations to make sure that they are accurate will prevent the hassle of possibly  rescheduling, or  packing up early when you realize your reservation doesn’t end until the day after and you don’t need to leave right away.

Begin the day before by putting away things you’re not using. This will give you a head start at the work you will have to complete on travel day. 

Think about your travel day entertainment, try listening to an audio book or develop a playlist of tunes to listen to only on travel day.

If you love games, try playing some road trip games. Do a search for fun games to try out.

Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

"Planning ahead will make your travel day go more smoothly."


Plan Your Route

The day before is also a good time to plan or review the route you’re taking.  If your travel day is  a few hundred miles,  you will need to make some stops along the way for fuel, rest and food.

It's a good idea to use GPS to compare routes and figure out where you want to go in order to avoid certain roads you might want to avoid.  Locate some optimal places to make your stops for rest and food.

Planning ahead will make your travel day go more smoothly.

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Check out Your RV

A flat tire is every traveler’s nightmare.  Make sure the air pressure inside yours is properly set. 

Use your tire monitoring system (if you have one) to check for accurate pressure in your tires and if they need filling, plan to get it done first thing once you are on the road or if you have an air compressor do it at your site.

Check everything, from the fluids in your engine to the generator. Refill your oil, if needed, in case it needs topping off. 

Use your eyes to scan your RV to notice if anything needs addressing.

Make this a habit and you will feel better about going down the road.

Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

"A travel day checklist is essential if you want peace of mind and reminders to do those less often things that needs to be done on travel day."


Have a Travel Day Checklist 

Create a checklist that includes what you’re supposed to do on travel day.  There are things you need to do both inside and outside the RV. 

Make your list on your notepad, use one from our Complete RV Checklist Bundle or use a notes app by creating the list and checking it off. 

A checklist is essential if you want your mind at ease because then you won’t have to think about those things, let alone forget them. 

Checking tasks should be delegated to each travelling companion to form a routine. Before leaving, walk around the RV to look for things in case you left some outside. 

Have the passenger check one last time right before departure to make sure you didn't leave the jackpads or something else. 

Bonus tips!  

Don't forget your pets! Get everything already set up for them, especially food and water.

Lastly, decide what and where to eat. 

Put your lunch ingredients and snacks somewhere that has easy access (in your RV or pack a lunch for your truck) so you don’t have to open cabinets that may be blocked by the slides.

If you planned ahead for your stops, you will have things ready for your rest stop.

Instead of preparing the meal at your destination, you can start a crock-pot dinner and have it cooking while you’re driving down the road so that it’s ready when you get there.

A happy travel day is about forming a solid preparation routine every time you get ready to travel again.

These 4 tips will definitely help you get started with that.

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