Become Intentional About Travel Planning 

By  Luann Street


At the start of every new year, we want to make new plans.  If you are an RV owner those plans included travel in our RVs!  Often times flies by and it becomes March and then June and we don't get our plans made and our RV will sit there gathering dirt.

Then we we do want to go somewhere, it needs to be DE winterized and maintenance done to it.  If we wait too long, our dealership can't get it in and done in time for Memorial Day or the holiday weekend you really want to camp.

Let's start right now with intention and get our plans in place and go have fun in our RV.

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Become Intentional About Travel Planning

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Set Your RV Travel Goals

You have the whole year ahead of you and it's a blank slate.  Don't fit RVing into your schedule, make your schedule around RVing.  

Take some time now to ask time off from work if you need to.  Don't wait until you want to go and find out that you can't have that time off.  Be proactive and schedule things early.

Plug into you calendar the weeks or weekends you want to travel.  That way when you start scheduling things in your life you  won't make appointments when you really want to be RVing.

Bryan Street

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“Don't fit RVing into your schedule, make your schedule around RVing."


Get Your RV Ready to Go!

Start now by getting your RV ready by doing it's maintenance while it's still early to travel.

Make it easy to get in your RV when it's time to travel by packing it and leaving it ready to go when you want to.

Pull out your checklists and use them to perform your spring ready maintenance.  Other checklists could be your packing checklists.  Review and update them for the new year.

If you don't have checklists and would like some of ours we have a set called The Complete RV Checklist Bundle which is 12 checklists  that covers all the areas of your RV.  

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Create a Plan With Your Goals

This is where the rubber meets the road.  You will need to take your goals and create a plan with them.  

Figure out how long it will take you to travel to your destinations and be reasonable in your expectations.  If you only have  so many days to travel you will want to plan for the travel as well as the destination.  Don't wear yourself out by traveling too far and not getting to enjoy your time RVing.

Research the destinations you want to go to and pick some thing you will want to do while you are there. 

Go ahead and make the reservations noting the cancellation policy so you can move things if plans change.

Need a place to keep your travel plans organized?  Check out The Complete RV Travel Planner.  This planner is made specifically for the RV lifestyle.  It's a great place to make and keep your travel plans all in one place.


Ready to travel?  We are and we are making plans.  Don't let time go by.  While it's still winter, get a jump on setting up your year for RVing success!  Become intentional about your travel planning!

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