5 Must-Have RV Travel Planning Tools 

By  Luann Street


Are you ready to get traveling this year? These are the five must-have travel planning tools that we use in our arsenal to plan our RV travels every day as full-timers.

 But those of you who aren't full-timers can still get tons of tips out of this because these five things anybody can use for their RV Travel.

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5 Must-Have RV Travel Planning Tools

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Mountain Directory

The Mountain Directory printed books, Ebooks for IOS and their Android app provide the locations and descriptions of over 700 mountain passes and steep grades in 22 different US states.

The information provided lets you where the steep grades are located in your route, how long they are (distance), how steep (% of grade) they are, whether it's a two, three or four lane road.  Also available the the location of the runaway ramps, switchbacks, sharp curves and speed limits.  All of this information is so important in making a route plan where there are mountains. 

With this information, you can know ahead of time what a pass will be like and make an informed decisions about whether to take that route or find an alternative.

If you decide to go over the mountain pass use these recommended tips to make the mountain route more pleasant.


  • Tip #1 - Take the mountain pass in the cooler morning hours. This would put less strain on the engine and transmission during the climb. 
  • Tip #2 - Unhook your tow vehicle.  This will make the climb and descent less stressful on you and your RV.  

Knowing what lies ahead on your journey is half the battle of getting there.  You will feel safer and in more control if you don't have any steep grade surprises!

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“Remember to take the time to leave a review for a campground.  Give a good review based on the criteria you liked about the campground. Don't just leave bad ones.”



Our next favorite RV travel planning tool is a resource called Sanidumps.  It's tag line is When RV's Have to Go!   This is a dump station locator tool.

This RV dump station directory has a search feature to help you locate where the nearest place to dump your black and grey tank.

If you like to boondock, this resource is incredibly helpful to figure out where to do and how much it will cost.  The web version is free and has a lot of ads on it to help support the information.  But they do offer an Ebook that you can download directly to a tablet or Ipad.  That way you have the information without having to boot your computer or rely on WIFI.

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RV Trip Wizard & Campground Reviews

These next must-have travel planning tools are number 3 & 4  and are together because they are part of the RV Life product suite.  

RV Trip Wizard is the online planning tool we use to map out the route to our next location.  It has a lot of great features that help us with our daily driving limits and  finding where we want to stop next.

RV Trip Wizard is now available with Campground Reviews.com which is a great resource for looking for what others are saying about the campground and whether or not we want to camp there.


RV Travel Planner

This last must-have RV travel planning tool is one we use almost everyday. 

The Complete RV Travel Planner is the one travel planning tool we won't live without.

We created this RV travel planning tool as a solution to organizing all of our travel into one place.

Once you have mapped your route and picked your stops, you need a place to record all of that information.  

Record your campground reservations, plan your destination activities and a bunch of other RV life important information that will make your RV travel much easier and less stressful.

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"Travel planning isn't about limiting spontaneity, it's about being intentional so you can do everything you want to and not miss out on your adventures."

These are our 5 Must-Have RV Travel Planning Tools.   If we didn't cover your favorite tool let us know what you like to use when you plan your RV travels.  We prefer tools that we don't have to rely completely on the internet to access. 

This assortment let's you travel plan with ease.

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