10 Must Have Items for Your RV Tool Bag 

By  Luann Street


What’s in your RV tool bag?

Do you have everything you might need to fix the things you know how to? Do you have the knowledge to fix the little stuff?

 RV systems are different than the ones in your home. There is no way to know what is going to break next on our rolling homes, but we can be sure of one thing, something will!  

But the good news is 80% of our RV problems can be fixed with a little knowledge and carrying the right tools with us as we travel. Here is a great list to start filling your RV tool bag.

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Knowledge is the number one tool for your tool bag.

 Just having a nice full toolbox won't fix something that's not working. RV systems are different from what we are most used too, like our homes.

If your new to RVing and don't know where to start in maintaining or repairing your RV it's simple.

Start learning all about the systems, Then when you start to have a better understanding of how it all works you are in a great place.

It may take a little time, but it's well worth it if you want to make the best of your camping experiences. The best place to start is to read your owners manuals. These manuals serve two purposes,  one if your ever need help falling asleep pop one of these open and 10 minutes you're out.  LOL

But in reality, they contain information specific to your brand of RV, like how things operate, maintenance schedule and troubleshooting tips.  

Next you can do online training videos about specific RV topics, like electrical, water, slides etc.  There is a great website RV Repair Club (rvrepairclub.com) they do a excellence job of explaining how things work.

Best part is you can join for $3.00 for the first year. Now I don't know how long they will be running this promotional pricing but even at full price it's a exceptional deal. 


Air Compressor

A RV tire compressor should be the second tool in your toolbox. 

Maintaining proper tire pressure on your RV is so important in preventing tire failure when RVing.  It is the first thing I recommend checking before any trip.  Tire failure on the road is something we should do everything we can to avoid.

Having the ability to keep your tires properly inflated is good thing.  You don't want to get ready to leave the campground and realize one of your tires is low. This has happened 3 times in our RV travels. one was a leaky valve stem and the other two times was because of nails. 

Viair Air Compressor

In adding an air compressor to your tool bag make sure it will be able to fill the high pressure tires on your RV. I would recommend Viair RV air compressor, they work great a are easy to use and are made for RVers. I have owned one for two years and so glad I purchased it. 


Surge Protector/EMS

Surge Protector/EMS/ identifies faulty RV park power plus offers surge protection.

I recommend using a surge protector every time you plug into a campground post.  A good surge protector will protect yourRV.  It only takes one power surge to lose all your electronics and wiring.

If you find faulty campground wiring, ask to be moved to another site, don't risk plugging in. Remember the campground won't be responsible if your rig get damaged by their post. Incorrect wiring does happen and I have pointed this out to the campground owners, their response was that no one has had ever had a problem with it before.  Having the surge protector handy you can show them the readings on the post and ask to be relocated in the park.

Some of the other problems you can have are power surges that come from lighting strikes. Even with a surge protector, the best way to protect your RV is to unplug until the threat has passed.

Another problem is low voltage; it can cause the same damage as a power surge. Low voltage happens in parks where electrical wiring hasn't been updated. You have a hot summer day with all the RVs sucking power for their air conditioners, and the power supply drops to unsafe levels; it can and will damage your RV.

If you have a surge protector that can't monitor power levels, this puts you at risk. Make sure you have an (EMS) Electrical Management System surge protector. An EMS will automatically disconnect power to your RV if a problem is detected, with the source of electrical power giving you the highest level of protection. Have one installed or hardwired in your RV is the best way to do it.  This way you will never leave it or have it stolen from your campsite.

A pedestal EMS is a good option if you don't want to have it installed. These are great because they are easy to check the power pedestal before backing in to your site. Also, if you ever decide to get a different RV they easy to take with you.  The one down side is they are easy to steal unless locked. Locks are purchased separately.

bryan Street

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"Protect your investment and you'll have many years for happy travels ."

"Check out RV Repair Club for training videos." 

~Bryan Street


Rounding Out Your RV Tool Bag

Tool Kit with Bag

This is an excellent Toolkit that comes with a storage bag. This toolkit will fit easily in any RV compartment. It also has 3 of the items on this list already. A kit like this one would be well on its way to a great RV tool kit. 

I really like ready-made toolkits when it comes time to pack them in an RV. They store easily, and I can find what I'm looking for if I remember to put it back!

Cordless Drill

An 18 or 20-volt Cordless drill with a drill and drive accessory set is a great thing to have. The driver bit sets are beneficial because they have a variety of sizes & types of bits that are often used in your RV. 

If you already have a drill, this driver set will be a great addition to your tool bag. These drivers will come in handy when you are tightening everything up when it comes loose in travel. (Which does happen 🙂


Locking, regular and needle-nose pliers are things I can’t live without. You will use these in a variety of places in your RV. You can never have too many!

Screwdriver Set

If you are like me, you will need plenty of screwdrivers to choose from. Having a Phillips' head, flat head and square head screwdrivers on hand will make your life easier. My RV uses a lot of square head screws. Be sure to add this type to your drill bit set.

Digital Multimeter

Having an RV, you want a Multimeter to have the ability to check the AC and DC voltages. If you have never had a chance to use a Multimeter, it is easy to use; it will come with a manual on using it or, better yet, check it out on YouTube.

Wire Stripper/Crimpers & Cutter

Wire Stripper/Crimpers & Cutter are something every RV owner should have one or maybe two. Be sure to get a terminal connector kit and extra wire in different sizes. These will come in handy when you need to fix an electrical issue.

Receptacle Tester

Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables

I recommend buying a set of heavy-duty jumper cables with at least 2 AWG wire sizes. A  1 - AWG wire size would even be better. Sets with 4 AWG and  6AWG may work in some applications but they're not able to handle larger amp loads needed to start big RV motors. Big motors need a lot more cranking amps. You are far better off to obtain nice big heavy-duty set to begin with.

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"A great tool for your tool bag maybe an

extended RV Warranty"

Bonus Tool

Purchase an RV Warranty
Unless you are already an RV mechanic or maintenance tech, there are just some things you can't or don't want to fix yourself when they break in your RV.

RV repair can be expensive and often happen at very inconvenient times.  We have an RV warranty in our back pocket for those types of instances.  

This warranty gives us peace of mind that we won't have to come up with $2000+ to repair or replace our Aqua-Hot and $1,000 on a tire replacement (yes, this happened to us!)

Wholesale Warranties made it very easy to buy from them and they have great service and have great reviews!  It's the only company we considered buying from when we researched warranties.

Equipping yourself to understand your RV systems, having the correct tools to diagnose problems and then solve them, is a huge part of being a confident RVer.  

Take time to educate yourself and make sure you have what you need in your RV Tool Bag to keep the purple monkeys at bay.   Stock your RV Tool Bag today!

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10 Must Have Items for Your RV Tool Bag

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Luann Street

    1. Thanks! We strive to make sure we have everything we need when we need it! Boy Scout Motto: Be prepared! LOL

  1. I like that you said that the first thing in your RV tool bag should be knowledge of RV systems. I think that my RV needs to be repaired after a recent crash it was in. I think since I don’t know that much about it it would be smart to take it into a professional and have them repair it so that it can be done right.

    1. Knowledge is power, that is for sure! Sorry to hear about your recent accident. Hope everything works out for you!

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