10 Must Have Items for Your RV Bedroom 

By  Luann Street


 Do you ever wish you could magically make your RV or camper bedroom bigger? These 10 Must-Have Items for Your RV Bedroom are great RV storage ideas and will help you organize and use your bedroom space more efficiently and comfortably.  

After all don't you spend 1/3 of your life in your bedroom? These items can help you make the most of this RV & camper living space and give you organization solutions.

10 Must-have Items for Your

RV Bedroom

RV Organization Accessories

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Sheets for Your RV Bedroom

RV sheets
can be a pain if you have an odd bed size.  Finding a quality source for odd size sheets is a real struggle.  Camping World sheets are not the best quality.

I’m a little bit of a sheet snob. I found this company for sheets for my short queen when we had our other RV and they were great!  They have other types of RV related bedding items, like mattress pads and blankets.

Sometimes bunk-bed sheets are a problem.  You don’t want your flat sheet hanging down and looking unkempt.

These sheets from QuickZip solve that problem.


Shoe Hangers for Your RV Bedroom

Shoe organizers are great RV organizational accessories. They can be used a lot of ways in your RV bedroom.

They are great camper organizers for things more than just shoes! I have seen people use them over their bathroom door and use the pockets to organize their bathroom items.

There are shoe organizers for your closet, like the one I have and has worked well for me.  If you had folded clothing you could also use this style as shelves in your RV closet.

Bonus Tip!

Since closet space is limited in an RV, another creative way of organizing your shoes is hanging them around the base of the bed.

 Most RV mattresses and platforms extend over the base of the bed.  That leaves a recessed space that you can put a shoe organizer around the base and organize your shoes that way.  It hooks over the open edge of the bed base so it looks tidy when closed. 

Depending on the size of your mattress and the recess of your bed base, you might not see much at all.  I have not personally used this because I have a king size bed so my base is super recessed and I couldn’t access the shoes for using it. Check it out though, It’s a great RV storage idea and it might work for you!


Bins for Your RV Closet

My favorite bins for my RV bedroom are from Sterlite. To me, they feel nice, almost like a drawer when you have them in your cabinets or on RV shelving 

 These are great RV organization accessories. They come in so many sizes so you can adapt them to your own situation. They are made of a nice plastic, not cheap and will function well for years to come.

 I have them everywhere!  In my closet and all my cabinets.  I love how they look(you can’t see the mess inside), feel and that you can label them with your trusty labeler.

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    Hamper for Your RV Bedroom

    Ever since we bought an RV, dirty clothes storage has been a difficulty.  I even have a built-in hamper in my bus but it’s tiny and certainly doesn’t hold a lot of dirty clothes maybe 3 outfits at most, especially when men’s clothes are usually bulkier than women’s.  So, I went on the hunt for a RV storage solution.

    Your RV bedroom might not have a lot of extra space for more items to sit out…. but….I found this hamper

    I love this hamper!  

    It’s pretty, it’s super slim, has a lid, and could be used to cart laundry to the laundry mat with ease. 

    I, however, did not appreciate the price but bought it anyway! 🙂  I am so glad I did!  I have a perfect spot in my RV bedroom for it and you hardly know it’s there.


    Skinny Hangers for Your RV Bedroom

    I have these hangers for a RV closet space-saving solution.   I previously watched an unbiased video on this and they didn’t save as much closet space as they say they do.  

    But it’s enough in our RV bedroom storage situation that made a difference.  Every inch count. 

    I think using skinny hangers would help tremendously in any RV bedroom closet. Our Georgetown RV had this stupid rack that separated every hanger and was a pain to get clothes on and off the rack.  The tubular hangers wouldn’t go in the space properly so we had to use hangers that had metal hooks to make it work. These would work like a dream with that set up.


    In that small space, skinny hangers work the best!  So even now that I have a lot more room in my current closet these hangers help out a lot!


    Command Hooks

    I have Command hooks everywhere in my RV….you really can’t live without them if you want to make the most of your RV storage space.

    These heavy-duty Command hooks are awesome!  I had a wall in my RV bedroom that was bare but was covered up when the slide was in.  I wanted some hanging options for jackets and bags in my bedroom. 

    I put up these hooks and they work great!!!!  This was a smart use of RV space.

    When we moved into a different RV, I removed them and reused them with new strips in the new RV.  That saved me some money!  Don't leave your command hooks behind.

    They never come off the wall.  The backpack in the picture is full and heavy.  These hooks hold like a dream.  I only remove the items hanging there on travel day for the slide to come in. I put the items on the bed while traveling and hang them right back up when we set up again.  This idea became an awesome RV storage solution.   

    Run, don’t walk…you need these hooks! These are a must-have item for organizing your RV bedroom!


    Space Saver Bags

    These space saver bags are a great RV storage solution.  I use them in the storage space under the bed to keep our bedding clean in between changes.  I also use them to store bulky items, like extra pillows and linens for the sofa bed.  They squish down to a fraction of the size of the original items.  If you do the process right and flatten as you get the air out, you can stack them nicely in your under bed storage area.

    These are so handy also when storing under the RV in the compartments.  They are water proof so dampness won't seep in.  They are reusable too!


    Space Heater for Your RV Bedroom

    Having alternate or an extra heat source in your RV bedroom or anywhere in your RV can make you more comfortable on cold nights. 

    It also will save you money on propane. RV fire safety guidelines suggest using a ceramic heater as a safe option. 

    When using any heat source you should make sure you have the proper fire prevention measures in place. Read about RV Fire Safety in this informative post.


    RV Mattress for your RV Bedroom


    RV mattresses, in my opinion, are a pain in the butt (excuse my French ). 

    We have actually spent too much money getting comfortable in our RV.  It’s quite frustrating.

    Our first RV (Forest River Georgetown) had a short queen and we bought it used from Camping World and finagled a new mattress from them as part of our deal.  Camping World mattresses are terrible…even the upgraded ones.  They may be fine for weekend camping or a trip once in a while but for full-time sleeping….NO!    We bought a memory foam short queen mattress from Sam’s.  That was the mattress that went with the RV when we sold it.

    When we bought our 2008 Allegro Bus and it came with a sleep number bed.  We didn’t like it at all and soon bought a memory foam from Amazon.  No luck there….it was too soft and felt like we were sleeping in a hole.  We succumbed to spending way more than we wanted on a memory foam with cool get from Mattress Firm.  We wanted to do a coil/memory foam combo but when you look into those types, they are too heavy ( and too tall ) for the RV and you would lose your ability to lift the mattress and access under bed storage.  So that was not an option.

    I wish we had found this RV mattress company before we spent all the money we have on RV mattresses.  They have great options for all types of beds that you might find in an RV.  Mattress Insider has great reviews and other RVers are talking about them so I wanted to share this resource with you!  Let me know how they are if you buy one!!!


    Fan For Your RV Bedroom

    A fan in your bedroom at some point in the year is a great thing to have. Not every RV has a ceiling fan option. 

    Mine does but I can’t move the fan to the front of the RV if I want a fan up there! I consider this a must-have item for your RV bedroom.

    We have this fan to pull air in our bedroom window.  It does a great job and tucks away nicely in the closet when we are done using it.

    We often use the small fans that are in the cockpit area of our motor home to keep air moving if we have the windows open. But they are pretty noisy.

    The Dyson fan looks like a great option for the RV lifestyle. They are not inexpensive, so be prepared for sticker shock. Although, the cost of a ceiling fan and installation could be comparable.  This is why I don't have one yet! 🙂

    They have refurbished ones available as well as an option for tabletop or freestanding. I have heard great things about them and my friends who own them, love them.  I love the idea that it is quiet and it is safe, no blades to get your fingers or any little ones caught in it.  I may invest in one for the front of the RV this summer!

    As you make the transition into your RV either for full-time living or an extended trip, these 10 must-have items for your RV bedroom will make you more comfortable and organized as you travel.  Try a couple today and let me know in the comments below how they work for you!


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    Luann Street

    1. Love the blog and ideas. My only comment is regarding hangers. When we lived on our sailboat, closet space was an issue and I bought the Joy Mangano hangers from HSN. They really do make a difference and give you much more space. You can now buy these type of hangers at Walmart. I give them two thumbs up. 👍👍

    2. I just love Matress Insider… What a great company… everything made here in the US

    3. We purchased our the mattress for our bed and our fold out couch from Mattress Insider and we LOVE it! It is more comfortable than our expensive sleep number mattress! We would highly recommend purchasing from this company. The experience was top rate. We received our mattresses less than a week from order date.

      1. Lisa, Thanks for sharing! We hated our sleep number bed too! We have only heard good things about Mattress Insider. When we need another mattress that is where we will go!

      2. Honestly, two of my most important RV bedroom additions were 1) reading lights & 2) Bedside Back and Forth Bins (BB&FB😁)
        The LED lights were miserable so pick something that works for you. We have both an attractive touch lamp with outlets in the base and small LED strips that attach overhead to the bottom of the shelves.
        The BB&FB are loaded up with things from our home bedside. We may want to eventually have duplicates of some of these things but for now, it is convenient to scoop everything up and just take it to the camper. For me, this means my kindle, diffuser, oils, sleep mask, CBD oil, magnesium lotion, any other nighttime meds. I also bought clear plastic pencil cases for my wires: chargers for kindle, fitbit, earbuds, small speaker… hooked them together on one of those individual notebook clip rings. SO much easier to keep track!
        Thanks for your tips. Hope mine are helpful too!

        1. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing!!! I love the Bedside bin idea….very good!

          1. My other half NEEDS glassess and with no nightstand to set them on I ended up finding an over the bed “pocket organizer” and modified it a bit by cutting off the tucking flap and putting strips of velcro on the back to stick to the inside wall of the headspace around the top of the bed. I put them high enough to be out of the pillow/sleep zone and low enough to reach while in bed. We both now have someplace to store our phones/glasses/flashlight/small book… at night (and the phone charger cord even reaches so the phones can charge overnight). We even have a lightweight booklight with bendable arm clipped to them for our illumination purpose!

            1. Awesome! Yes, that is a downfall to a lot of RV bedrooms. Great solution! I have the same problem so I put a Command Strip plastic holder to put my glasses in. It works! Thanks for sharing your solution!

    4. Hi Luanne, thanks for all this wonderful info, especially about the dehumidifier. I will order one tonight! I think you will love those hangers! I bought mine at Walmart and changed them all out. I think the space it saves is worth it. We bought our new mattress at Walmart also-the 12 in. Spa Sensation Foam. It is the BEST bed I have ever slept on including the Sleep Number we gave to our daughter!

    5. I tried these hangers and unfortunately they are too big and won’t allow my closet doors to shut they actually pulled the doors off the hinges . They worked great for saving space tho.

      1. Kathy, Ugh….that’s terrible. I guess RV manufacturers try to fit everything in by reducing standard sizing we take for granted in our sticks & bricks homes. A good tip comes from this: Measure before you buy! I didn’t even think about that. Thanks for sharing!

        1. Finding a place for your jewelry was a major issue. I found a hanging jewelry keeper for my closest with enough pockets for all your earings,rings and necklaces. Love it. I used some card stock cut to size to put my earings on so they dont get loss.

    6. I have some of the space-saving “wonder hangers” you mentioned you were thinking of trying. They work as advertised for saving space, although they are somewhat of a pain to hang clothes on when the closet is jammed full. We ended up just getting rid of a bunch of clothes instead. 😀 But I do still use those for some of my lesser-worn clothing.

      1. Yes, getting rid of things seems to work best! You totally have to change your mindset! I do an inventory every year (if not more often) and purge, purge, purge!

    7. Great list. We already discovered we needed most of this: fan, dehumidifier, hamper, space heater. But I’m bookmarking AB Lifestyles. I only like cotton sheets and will keep using the ones from our (sold) sticks & bricks until they wear out. But these (2 products) are the first decent cotton sheets for RV that I’ve seen advertised. The reviews look good so I’m hoping they’re as good as they sound. Thanks.

      1. We had the short queen sheets for our other RV and liked them. I am kinda of sheet snob. If you have odd sized sheets this is the place! If you have standard sized beds buy your favorites and use those. The ones I have on my king bed in the RV now are from LL Bean. Happy sheet shopping!

    8. A good RV mattress is a must! I hated the ones in my van but my class a I said never again now that I have space. I love using wall space and verticals like behind cabinets or doors. Huggable hangers are my bedroom must to keep my close off the floor and on the rack between travels. Always looking for more ideas to save space, time or money!

    9. Great article! I’m a soon to be 5th wheel – I’m super excited to make it cozy for the Hubs, Poodle and Bird.

      1. Awesome! That is something to be excited about. Thanks for your feedback on the article. Happy travels!

    10. I had to smile at all the “I hate sleep number” comments. Our first sleep number is now 21 year old California king – in the house. The first trip we took in our RV back then after getting the sleep number lasted 3 nights. By which time I hurt so bad sleeping on the RV mattress that I basically said never again to the RV. We then bought a queen sleep number for the RV. And now we are comfortable in both “homes”. We also use a heated mattress pad on them both. Allows for less use of propane furnace in RV. For those of you who do have/try one; Remember to lower the air in them when traveling in mountains.

      1. Great tip about the heated mattress pad! That is great about your sleep number bed! I guess everyone is different thus the mattress store on each corner phenomenon! LOL Thanks for sharing your tips!

    11. We enjoyed reading your blog and explained about the camper sheet mentioned in it in its really simple way. I emerge as excited on the subject of tenting and way to you for sharing this blog. I love tenting and for making it extra snug, I am using camper-bunk-mattress sheets on my camper mattress and it makes the mattress softer and much less dust-able. These human beings are making their camper bedroom so comfortable and to feature this blissfulness Aanya Linen makes stable Camper bunk mattress sheets in four hundred Thread Count.

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