10 Must Have Items for you RV Bathroom 

By  Luann Street


10 Must-have Items for Your RV Bathroom

updated for 2022

These 10 items should be be on your list of must-haves for your RV bathroom. Many RV’s lack built-in bathroom storage and accessories. I know my RV bathroom had a lot to be desired when it came to accessories.  Many of these items will help you tremendously when outfitting your RV Bathroom.

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Towels are one of the bulkiest things to store.  RV bathrooms don’t usually have enough room to store enough towels.


I splurged and bought Norwex towels.  These are not cheap but worth it. 

They are made of very good micro-fiber and fold up very compactly.

Amazon has some really great prices on nice and big micro-fiber towels.  I haven't tried them but they look super interesting and much less expensive than the Norwex.   If you try them, leave me a comment below to let me know how you like them.

You can store 4 x-large towels in 6" high, 14" long and 9" wide of space tri-folded or roll them up to stack another way. They have a sewn loop on one end to hang.  They dry quickly( much quicker than a traditional towel) which is important in an RV.

 Sometimes things take longer to dry in small spaces and these towels solve that issue. These are anti-microbial.  Norwex puts silver in their products to reduce the chance of mildew growth and odor.  I love them!  After you get used to the fact that they aren’t your traditional fluffy towels, you will love them too!

I also put two in our dry-bag for when we get done kayaking.  We use them on our person and then use them to dry the kayak - multi purpose!



Storing your toothbrushes in your RV bathroom is a challenge.  Many RV's don't have a built-in toothbrush holder.

You can’t leave a toothbrush holder on your counter top to fall off while you are driving. 

 Many RV's don't have a lot of bathroom counter top space. 

This toothbrush holder (in the photo) is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.  It keeps your items up off the counter and things stay put while traveling.

 We have also used this toothbrush holder was used in our first RV.  We put it inside the medicine cabinet.  I really like the hanging aspect of it. It doesn’t take up much room on a shelf and if you do hang it out in the open you can use the cover to keep the brushes protected.

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    Toilet Cleaning System

    Picking the right toilet cleaning system isn't always easy when you have the challenge of an RV bathroom.  You want a nice clean potty but you have very limited storage space for a long handle or bulky brush head.

     Plus you don’t want it rolling around the floor when you are traveling down the road.

    I have used this nifty disposable system.  It does a fine job for the money and convenience. The caddy that comes with it fits beautifully next to my RV toilet and the wall. I love this product because the head is disposable.  When I use the product and dispose of the ‘brush’ in the trash, I rinse the handle end and wipe it with a paper towel to store again.

    I am usually more of a reduce-reuse-recycle type person but this is one area I choose disposable every time.


    Suction cup 10X mirror

    When we moved in our RV,  I had a magnifying mirror to assist with makeup application.  I wear glasses so I need one to make sure I don’t look like a clown 😊 when I am finished. 

    My mirror was on a stand and awkward to store.  I found this suction cup mirror to put on my bathroom mirror. It works great!  It never comes off when we are diving down the road.

    I reseal the suction cup when I clean my mirror and voila! Magnifying mirror situation solved!


    Plastic Bins

    Bins are handy inside your bathroom cabinet to organize smaller things and keep them from sliding around and getting disorganized.  There are many different types of shapes and sizes of these bins.  Pick out some that are best for you.


    RV Holding Tank Treatment

    Happy Camper is an organic holding tank treatment.  It is enzyme based and eats the odors instead of just covering them up.  

    We put a scoop down the potty after each black tank dump to keep everything smelling fresh.  

    We have used the porta paks before and really like this much better!

    You can even use this treatment in your gray tank if you happen to get odors coming from there.

     This product is one of the must-have items for our RV bathroom.


    Bathroom Accessories

    There are so many things we get used to having in our sticks and bricks life.  Most RVs don’t have soap dishes, washcloth hangers, shampoo and razor storage already built-in.

    So these items will help you tremendously when outfitting your RV Bathroom. I have used all these items

    throughout my RV bathroom.  

    I am sure if you continued to shop you would find a few more for to help you organize your RV bathroom.

    I don’t know how any RVer that can get along without Command products.  They are our favorite & work well.

    They  give a ton of value along with space-saving solutions.

    Suction Cup Washcloth Hanger - this is advertised as a portable drying rack.  I like the bigger prongs for better hanging of wet washcloths than those that are advertised for washcloths.   I have had this item since 2013 in my home shower and moved it into the RV. It is easy to put and stays up!

    Razor Caddy  - Great holder for my razor in the shower.

    Soap Dish  - basic easy to stick on soap dish.  It stays where you put it!

    This soap dish isn't a command product but attaches to your shower wall with ease.  And it's so pretty!  

    Shampoo and Conditioner Caddy  - Holder for your bottles.  I have a wire basket that lips over the shower edge...it works great too!


    Stink Remover

    Poo Pourri | Use this for a good smelling RV bathroom! | www.streetswander.com

    There are so many things that can make your bathroom seem bigger or more useful but this last thing will make a huge difference in the way your RV smells!  Since RV bathrooms are small and people may be around when you have have to go Number TWO, you want an effective odor remover.  

    I found Poo Pourri when I worked in as a Practice Manager at a doctors office.  My office was directly across from the employee bathroom.  Needless to say, I just couldn't stand one more spray of Lysol or Air-wick.  It all became lavender scented poop but poop none the less.  I decided to try Poo Pourri after finding it at Ace Hardware.  Paying $10 for a tiny bottle had me worried but I needed to try something!

    The whole premise is that you spray the surface of the water with 5 pumps before you go.  So I initiated employee potty training :-).  Things immediately changed for the better!  It really does make it where you don't even smell the odor in the first place!  You are not just covering it up....it doesn't smell to start with.

    When we were moving into the RV I knew this was the product for us!  It was small, and very effective.  We change it up and occasionally try other of their fragrances.  My favorite is still the original.

    Try it!  You will like it!  And to the $10 price tag....it's worth it and lasts a long time!

    Your RV bathroom may not be big, but it can be made to hold all the things you need to use while traveling and living in your RV.

    Comment below with your must-have RV bathroom items!  We love to find new things!

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      10 Must Have Items for you RV Bathroom

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      Luann Street

      1. Great suggestions, thanks for sharing! I’ll have to check out more on that Happy Camper – never the fun part of RVing 🙂

      2. Thanks for the great suggestions. We just got back from the shakedown trip on our new RV. For the first couple of days we didn’t have hand soap in the bathroom and it was a lot more annoying than I like to admit. It’s amazing how the absence of little things like the things on this list can be so annoying!

        1. Bryan, I know right? The most common stuff we take for granted! I hope you enjoy that new RV!

      3. I have come to rely on a three way mirror in our bathroom at home for many years to make doing my hair much easier. Any ideas for how to put one in an RV bathroom?? I haven’t seen any in any of the RV’s we’ve looked at over the past year (and we have looked at many). We purchased a Class A and it only has a one view mirror and the door to the medicine cabinet.

        1. Chris, This can certainly be a challenge. If you don’t have counter space to set it on then another option might have to be that you take somewhere else in your RV to do your hair or possibly put another wall mirror (behind or beside you) in the bathroom to help with the angles. Let me know what you come up with! Good Luck!

      4. Your suggestions are great!
        Our motorhome bathroom is very small, and the wire basket hanging from your shower wall lip would really help.
        Can you tell me where you got it?

        1. Anne, I found that at Marshalls. It was a great find! I have a bunch of these I use them hanging over my kitchen cabinet doors that go to under my sink too! Here is one like them from Amazon https://amzn.to/2yj2GDb. Google ‘over cabinet door basket’ to find other options. Happy shopping!

      5. We love to put an extra tension rod in the shower to hold extra towels and suits to dry.

      6. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I just love your blog. 🙂 (and I need that Happy Camper stuff!)

      7. Command products have become my best friend. I wish they had all the colors for every product, but over time. I use them for hanging everything and they are awesome for the heat. All my other adhesives come off after staying in the heat for a while. Holding tank treatments are a must as well!!

      8. I love these suggestions. I will be using them, but not in an RV. They will be used on our boat! Trying to find help for a boat and storage, etc…is pretty non existent on Pinterest. I have come to love the Camping and RV “helplines” Thanks for sharing!

        1. Cool! We want to eventually get a boat too! You know 2 vacation homes! LOL We desire to do the Great Loop in a few years! I will have stuff on Pinterest when we do that! 🙂 Tiny spaces are all the same they need ingenuity and organization! Thanks for reaching out!

          1. I did the extra tension rod in the shower for towels and the pressure of the tension rod against the wall pushed the wall out of the seam!
            I have a newer RV. Beware!

      9. We installed a dispenser for liquids in our shower. Got it on Amazon, less than $20, and it has 3 bottles you refill, install them in the dispenser, and viola! No more fighting the bottles that fall all the time! I like the toothbrush holder, gonna have to get one. Thanks for the tips.

        1. I really wanted to do this idea…..but my husband and I both switch between two different shampoos during the week….weird, I know…my only solution was to hand two dispensers and he said no! LOL This is a great tip though!

        1. Thanks Pamela! I am glad that you are enjoying things! Let me know if you have things you want to know more about!

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