10 Must-Have Items for RV Outdoor Living 

By  Luann Street



When we first get our RV's, we spend a lot of time figuring out what we need to have inside to make us comfortable and feel like home. But an RV can be a tiny space for living but we have the great outdoors as additional living space. Outfitting the great outdoors gives us another ‘living room' and ‘kitchen' if we do it right. These 10 must-have items for RV outdoor living will give you a great start at making the space outside your RV like home too!


10 Must Have Items for RV Outdoor Living | Find essential things to enhance your RV Outdoor living experience. | www.streetswander.com



10 Must-Have Items for RV Outdoor Living


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Reclining Zero Gravity Chairs

If you like recliners indoors, you must have recliners outdoors!  We have been through several sets of zero gravity reclining outdoor chairs since our RV journey began but these from LaFuma have been our favorites by far.  If we hadn't been trying to save money in the beginning and bought these first we wouldn't have spent more on reclining outdoor chairs than the price of these.  Sometimes Amazon is the best place to buy these or Backcountry also has them….we have gotten one from each place to get the colors we wanted.  These chairs are easy to get out of and so comfortable.  Skip the ones at Camping World and try these first!


Folding Chairs

You will need regular folding chairs for your RV outdoor living space too.  We opted for bag chairs since they are easy to store under the RV and double as chairs we take with us to events or the beach.  Bag chairs aren't always supportive but we have been very happy with these bag chairs.  They are sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to carry on your shoulder  A plus is they come in various colors so you can show off your personality if you want to!


Camper Table

Having a folding and adjustable camper table can really help you while camping in a lot of ways.  It can serve as a chair side table while relaxing outside.  It can hold extra cooking items by the grill when you need that little bit more space.  This little table we have is so cute and compact and oh so handy!  It stores really well and in a small space either on it's side or laying flat.  Having a small, versatile+ table will help you in many ways!


Outdoor Entry Mat

An outdoor entry mat will save you a ton of floor cleaning.  Camping in nature has it's benefits and drawbacks.  The drawback is dirt tracked into your RV over and over again.  A welcome mat can help you by reducing what comes into your rig.  You might want to buy one that is cute and expresses your personality but make sure it will remove the dirt from your feet and not soak up water when it rains and just make a soggy mess!

Having another rug just inside the door is another barrier against dirty foot traffic.  Make this rug non slip and washable to help the inside look homey.  A microfiber rug will be quick drying if you come in with wet feet.


RV Rug

All RVers enjoy a nice size rug just outside their rig to help define their outdoor ‘living' space.  Having a large rug there also helps to keep dirt out of your RV.  If you set up your rugs strategically you can make sure a lot of dirt stays outside.  There are many different colors, patterns and sizes of RV rugs.  Take a minute and measure the space you want to put a rug before heading to the store.  That way you won't buy one too small for the space you want to put it in.  You can express your personality here if you want…buy cute ones or one that matches or complements the colors of your RV.


Bug Repellent

RV outdoor living is great but often attracts uninvited visitors.  You will want to outfit your expanded living space with items that will keep the bugs away while you enjoy yourself.  Adding tiki-type torches to your set up placed around the area you hang out will repel bugs without having to wear bug repellent directly on your skin.  Additionally, citronella candles on your picnic table or chair side tables give extra protection.  If you still need to apply something to your skin, try a more natural approach instead of a deet filled product.  Your skin will thank you!



An outdoor grill is an RVing necessity for most people.  Some people will be happy cooking over an open campfire but most of us with at least want to have the option of a propane grill for quicker meals cooked outside.  There are a lot of different varieties of compact grills to choose from.  Pick one that will fit your storage ability under your RV.  The most common ones we see while camping are the Coleman RoadTrip or the Weber portable grill.  We have owned both and both do a good job.  Just shop for one that fits your RV storage and style.




Games can be fun to have to play at your campsite or surrounding open space at the campground.  We have played a game called Speed Mitten and had fun with it.  It is a great game to keep in your RV because it stores compactly and doesn't require a net.  It has glow in the dark birdies for night play!

Card games are another great RV game.  Use regular playing cards for a variety of card gameplay.  Maybe make a goal to learn new games every month or so to keep the card-playing fresh!  This deck of cards features all the National Parks!  Other card games to play include UNO, PHASE 10 or check out FLEXdeck that allows you to play new & traditional card games, dominoes, crossword, letter and word games with one deck of cards! It was designed to take as many games as possible on a hike into the Grand Canyon, great for use on your next trip camping or in your RV!  With all these card games to play, don't forget to get a card shuffler and cardholders!



Have a few lanterns to light up your campsite!  These can help you stay outdoors playing longer and keep you from missing a step going into your RV.


Welcome Flag

Your RV is your home on wheels.  Whether it's your only home or just your vacation home, it's nice to let others know who you are in the campground and give them a glimpse into your personality.  Etsy is an online store where you can get a myriad of handmade and custom made items for your life.   We love the RV flags we have found there and think you can find one that just fits you and your style.  Check out ETSY here!

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