10 Must-Have Gifts for RVers Updated for 2019 

By  Luann Street


These 10 must-have gifts for RVers will give you some ideas for gift giving to the RVer in your life!  RVers have unique needs & wants, so getting gifts for them, whether it be for the holidays, birthdays or other occasions can make you think outside the box.  If they are full-timers, this can even be more of a challenge since they have space restrictions.

10 Must-Have Gifts For People Who Love RVing | Giving gifts to RVers is a challenge because of their limited space. But these ideas will please every RVer! | www.streetswander.com

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10 Must-Have Gifts For Rvers


RVers always need stuff but depending on what they already have or would like to have bought for them could be a challenge unless they have actively made a wish list!  Our favorite place to shop is Amazon.  A gift card from there is always welcome in our RV life because of a great many options Amazon has to offer.  We can buy most anything we want or need!

Camping World could be a good place to get your favorite RVer a gift card too since they are all over the US.


Our friends at Out of the Box Camping have a quarterly subscription box for RVers and camping enthusiasts!  This quarterly box is filled with unique items that RVers would love to get!  

We got a box to check it out and were amazed at the thoughtful items and fun things to find in the box.  Any RVer or camper would love this as a fun gift!  

You can get $5 off your first box by using our unique coupon code WANDER5.

 A definitely cute, fun and thoughtful gift for the RVer in your life!  Check out our unboxing video of the Summer 2019 box with the theme camping kitchen!  


RVers like to travel so getting them experiences to do at destinations or along the way is a great idea! Zoo, aquarium or museum memberships that have a cross country or reciprocal membership benefits is a must-have for people who like to travel.  That way when they visit a certain area they can do the zoo or museum in that area and experience the diversity of offering across the USA.

 If an annual membership isn’t an option you can always get them tickets or a gift certificate to use at the place they have always dreamed of going!

Gift certificates are great gifts for RVers! Give them something an experience they have always wanted. This just might hit the ‘the best gift I got!’ mark.  Bungy jumping, a snorkeling trip, zip lining, whale watching, you get the idea!

If your favorite RVer is going to tour the National Parks this year, the National Park Pass  could be a great gift for them! Buy this National Park Passport  along with it for a complete National Park experience!


Kitchens are usually a challenge for RVers so buying gadgets especially for use in a small space is a must-have gifts for RVers!



RV specific GPS are on every RVers gift list (if they don’t already own one. 

This one by TechnoRV is a good one and this company gives great support to go along with everything they sell!


The Complete RV Travel Planner | www.rvtravelplanner.com

Every RVer needs a  travel planner.   

This one was created just for RVers and is a gift that will help your favorite RVers plan and organize their RV travel!  

They might just come see you!!! 🙂  

Travel idea books are fun for RVers to get:

Here a couple of ones that we have found helpful and would make great gifts for RVers:

The Lonely Planet Series of regional travel books are great!  The one for the whole US will give provide you a chance to get the feel of these comprehensive books  .  We personally like paper books for travel guides but a bonus to this series is that they are on KINDLE UNLIMITED  to read for free!

National Geographic travel books are lovely.  This USA road-trip volume is especially nice.

Reader's Digest OFF THE BEATEN PATH is a beautiful book with trips that we like to use as day trips in our car after we park the RV and see the area.


RVers are adventurers and the items they use to have their adventures are great gift ideas!

  • Inflatable kayaks from Sea Eagle. We love our Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak! It fits under our RV and has us ready for adventure where ever we find a great place to put in! An Rver in your life would love it!
Sea Eagle Fast Track 465 | Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayaks are great gifts for RVers! | www.streetswander.com

  • Every RVer could use a great cooler! Often times the soft-sided ones are great for RVers because they fold down and store away easier than hard-sided ones. Our favorite is the ICE MULE.   It’s easy to carry over the shoulder and fits well where ever we want to stuff it, in the kayak, back of the car.  Very versatile!
  • Your favorite RVer will love this little collapsible stool for sitting down low by the RV compartments. It saves your knees and back!  It folds up so little and compact and is like the least expensive gift with a lot of wow!

RVers are also pro relaxers 🙂 we like to kick back and know how to do it well.


My favorite all-time gift has been an e-reader. Being an RVer, e-readers make it easy to take books with me everywhere without the weight and bulk of traditional books.

The KINDLE is my favorite mostly because I shop at Amazon a lot. NOOK is a great product too if you like to buy books from Barnes and Noble.

Gift Certificates/Cards for e-books are a great idea for the avid reader/RVer in your life!


Getting a personalized RV related item that expresses their RVing personality is always a great gift for an RVer!

Here are a few ideas to get you started, keep shopping to get just the right one for your favorite RVer.

  • RV campground flags
  • Personalized signs for the campsite
  • Vinyl decals for windows of RVs
  • RV related pillow and throws
Where the Streets Wander Flag | www.streetswander.com


"Buying gifts for an RVer doesn't have to be hard and you don't have to only give them gift cards!  These tips should help you find the perfect gift for the people in your life who love RVing”

Bryan & Luann


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  1. Great list of ideas here! Really appreciate it and will make good use of it. My personal favorite is the National Parks Pass because we do LOVE our national parks. Thank you very much!

  2. Awesome post! I love the practical gift idea. I always try to buy gifts for other that they will enjoy and can use and are related to something they love. Hey I have another idea for gift you could give someone who loves RV life or is considering it but sure if it’s for them or not. How about a rental so they can try it out? Travellers-Autobarn is a campervan and RV rental company that would be a perfect option for that type of a gift. Just a suggestion!

    1. If you want it to be just for campgrounds, you probably will have to do a Campground specific gift card at a place like KOA ….they have places to camp all over the US. Or gift a visa card and tell the person that it’s for their camping. Hope this helps!

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