6 Habits Of Highly Successful RVers 

By  Luann Street


Do you want to create an RV lifestyle that you love and live it to the max? Develop these 6 Habits to become a highly successful RVer and experience a life of freedom & travel.

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6 Habits Of Highly Successful RVers

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Learn to Set Goals

 Setting goals is not a unique habit of success.  You can read about them everywhere.  Setting goals is so important to people who truly want to be successful in whatever they do.

So what does success in your RV life look like?

It could be as simple as using your RV more.  We talked a lot about this in our recent post 3 Things Your Must-Do If You Have an RV.  Sometimes we can let things just happen and not be intentional and before you know it you haven't used your RV as much as you thought or want to.

Setting travel goals is another RV life goal.  Figuring out the places you have always wanted to travel and making a plan to get there is a must do goal for every RVer.

Maybe you have a desire to full-time, well we can tell you that setting a goal to transition and take action on ALL the steps to go full-time is so important to getting it done and on the road.

So your first habit to become a successful RVer is to learn to set goals.

Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

The first habit of every successful RVer is to learn

 to set goals.


Get in the Right Mindset

Mindset.  What you think and how you think about everything is your mindset.  You have often heard the quote that says:

 Whether you think you can or think you can't - you're right. - Henry Ford

This also pertains to your RV life.  

If you think you can't afford it...you can't

If you think you have to wait for retirement, you do

If you think you can't drive a RV, you can't

If you think you can't live in a small space, you won't

What we think and how we take action or not sets us up for success.  Changing your mindset is so important to reaching your goals.

So the second habit of a successful RVer is get in the right mindset.


Always Seek Knowledge

Habit number 3 to do is to always seek knowledge when you need it.  Sometimes we think we know things and sometime we know enough about something to be dangerous!  🙂

Your RV life is full of new things that are unique to the lifestyle.  Its a process to learn all of the things you need to know about your rig.  Some of us are not as mechanical as others.  Some of us have to try harder to be a problem solver. But seeking knowledge should be something you should always do.  

There are a ton of people who go before you.  Use their expertise and get an RV education.  It could save you a bunch of time and money.

If you want to go full-time, don't try to figure it out all by yourself and take a long time to transition.  Use a proven framework that will get you on the road faster and more confidently than you can imagine. Use The Full-time RV Framework to shortcut your full-time success.

You should seek knowledge by getting driver training if you feel you could benefit.  

Another thing to seek knowledge on is RV repair and maintenance so you can learn to fix things yourself.  You may not be able to work on everything in your RV but by learning to identify things and make small repairs, you can save a ton of time and money.  We recommend a RV repair and maintenance course called Fix it Yourself.  If you are looking for more education about your RV systems- this course will benefit you greatly!

Habit number three is always seek knowledge.

Bryan Street

Where the Streets wander

Seeking knowledge on things you don't know will

save you time, money and disappointment.


 Take Action

Another habit to create to be a successful RVer, is to take action.

Don't sit by and let your life go by without taking action on the things that really matter to you.

Stop saying things like:

Someday I'll buy an RV.  Build memories while you can.

Someday I'll go full-time - the problem is, you think you have time to wait.

Someday I'll take an extended trip - before you know it you can't due to illness or age.

Habit number four is take action and create a life you love.


Make No Mistakes 

Everybody makes mistakes.  EVERYBODY

But it's what you do with those mistakes is what counts. Are you the type of person that beats yourself up for your mistakes or maybe you think you are always right?

Maybe you scraped the RV on a tree in a campground.  What can you learn from it?  Where to look to get a better view next time?  Maybe you should drive around and get a better angle. Or maybe you didn't listen to your spotter and you hit the tree.

Either way the important thing is to learn from your mistakes.  So that turns your mistake into a lesson. Pride or self loathing has no place here....learn from it and move on.

Take the lesson and learn from it and try not to make the mistake again.  

The fifth habit is to learn from your mistakes and turn them into a lesson.

6 Habits of Highly Successful RVers

Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

Practice your habits and create a life of freedom and travel with no mistakes, only lessons!


Experience Freedom

The last habit isn't a habit to actually create for yourself, it's more a result of implementing all the other habits we talked about here.

Your RV life whether it is a a full-timer or a freetimer is a life worth doing and doing well.  Having your home or your vacation home with you wherever you go is a measure of freedom.

Develop these habits and become a successful and confident RVer.

These are the 6 habits of highly successful RVers.  Practice them until they are habits and create a life of freedom and travel with no mistakes, only lessons!

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