How To Keep Bugs Away While Camping 

By  Luann Street



Bugs and camping often go together.  They are the unwelcome visitors into our retreat into nature while exploring the great outdoors.  Don’t let bugs keep you from having fun! Use these great tips to keep bugs away while camping!

How To Keep Bugs Away While Camping | Use these great tips to repel bugs while you have fun camping! | www.streetswander.com




How To Keep Bugs Away While Camping

There are a variety of ways to approach your plan of attack to keeps bugs away while camping.  You can have area repellents, body repellents, clothing and area barriers. Sometimes if the bugs are bad you might need them all! Then the debate begins on deet products versus more natural approaches…it’s enough to make you stay inside!  Don’t miss out on the summer fun just because of a few bugs….use these strategies to combat them. Not everyone is bothered by bugs.  I know when Bryan and I are outside together, he is swatting and evading much more than I do.  Our bodies chemical makeup can determine who bugs like and go after.  This article from Smithsonian.com can explain the many reasons why, it’s pretty interesting!


Deet Products

Deet Products definitely have their place in the repellent world.  I personally reserve them for deep woods hiking or foreign travel.  The controversy over deet and its side affects can go on and on.  The thing is that they work and for certain applications, I am glad of that.  But even the most die hard manufacturers of bug repellents with deet have started to create a more natural safer line of products that may be better for daily use.


Essential Oils

Essential Oils can be a great deterrent against bugs bothering you. You can find a variety of recipes to make sprays and blends that help repel insects from bother you or coming into your RV or tent. This is a tutorial on getting rid of ants for good!  Homemade Ant Spray  Who doesn’t want that?   Best Essential Oils to Keep Bugs Away While Camping | www.streetswander.com


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Area Repellents

Citronella Candles are often used in outdoor living spaces to create ambiance and repel mosquitoes.  You can buy them or make them yourself! The belt clip type of repellent can work well especially when one person just needs to go out to grill and doesn’t want to get gooped up with spray or cream to cook a hamburger! Torches are a great way to outline your outdoor area and put a curtain around you.  But torches aren’t easy to store when traveling in your RV or camper.  Many table torch styles are available and are more compact to store and travel with.


Screen rooms

There are a variety of screen rooms that could be useful if you encounter a season that is very buggy.  When traveling in your RV or camper you want to make sure you find one that will fold up and store nicely.  I see these screen rooms all around campgrounds in the summertime.  This is a great way to avoid the bugs and chemicals entirely!


Our Favorite Bug Deterring Products

We are generally users of more natural remedies in our life. I will however use a deet product if necessary to avoid exposure to Lyme's disease.  I save these events for deep woods hiking or foreign travel.  We have children and grandchildren so I  prefer more natural things for us and them  For daily use we love the following products: Badger spray is awesome and doesn’t feel greasy and smells great!  It works well for us. On a recent trip to the upper peninsula Michigan (where the mosquitoes are the size of small birds)  we encountered this awesome product called NO BITE ME! This amazing cream keeps the mosquitoes away but also stops the itching of bites you already have!  Even skeptics in my family have tried it and love the results!


Other Types of Camping Intruders

Mosquitoes are often the most talked about and annoying campground pest.  But camping and hiking and just being outdoors in nature can give other critters an advantage to find you. Ticks, bees, ants, wasps, chiggers and no-seums are all equally annoying and potentially harmful.


Preventative measures can make the difference between a fun camp, hike, ride, swim or game.

1.Dress properly – if you are going into the woods wear socks, pants and even long sleeves. Even if it’s hot that is the best deterrent against bugs.  Spray the edges of your clothes with repellent so the bugs don’t make entry underneath your clothes. Be sure to check for ticks before entering your camper, RV or tent.  A smart tip is to have someone check your hair and back thoroughly before going to bed to prevent ticks from getting under your skin.  There are clothes that are treated with repellent already and could be a great solution for people who need extra protection.

2. Don’t camp or play near standing water – this is a bug breeding ground. Seek higher ground.

3.Cover your food and store it properly – critters don’t want what they can’t detect 🙂

4. Have a first aid kit ready and with you for bee stings or bites. Carry an epi-pen if you even think you are allergic to insect bites.

5. There are clothes that are treated with repellent already and could be a great solution for people who need extra protection.

Keeping bugs away while camping can be done.  You just have to get creative.  We hope these tips will help you the next time you encounter critters and prevent camping disappointment.

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