6 Life-Changing Reasons You Should Buy an E-Bike 

By  Luann Street


Riding an E-bike is a fun and rewarding experience.  This newer technology of bicycles can change the way you ride, where you can go and how you feel when you get there.  

As we continue to live in our RV, these bicycles have made a huge difference in our new lifestyle.  They have improved our enjoyment of bike riding and increased our ability to go farther and ride longer.

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What is an E-Bike?

An electric bike or E-bike as they are often called; is a bicycle that can be run on electric power as well as by pedaling.   E-bikes have pedal assistance through a motor that is charged by a battery.  Some bikes only have pedal-assist, while others have a throttle also that can be used while not pedaling.

The batteries are usually removed from the bike for charging.  Most batteries can go 20 to 50 miles depending on the size of the battery, amp hours and usage.

They are heavier than regular bicycles, due to the battery and motor.  They may require a heavier-rated bike rack for transportation due to their weight.


Reason #1 

E-Bikes are safer in traffic

Riding a bike in traffic can be scary.  Not all the cars are aware of you and your bike.  The stress of readying yourself at a traffic light to get across the intersection can be a thing of the past.

The extra power you get from your E-bike can make these situations less intimidating.  The power of your E-bike can get you up to speed faster in traffic and make having an accident less likely.


Life is a beautiful ride - just keep pedaling !


Reason #2

E-Bikes are great for helping you get back into fitness

This is the number one reason we bought our e-bikes.  We wanted to get back into bike riding.  We lived in the mountains of North Carolina at the time.  There were hills everywhere! There was hardly any flat place to ride.

We might be able to go one way for a few miles, but if that was downhill, when we turned to come back there was a hill!  We were not in shape.  We wanted to ride and wanted to get in shape but couldn’t convince ourselves to ride only hills to accomplish this.  

Having our E-bikes have opened up activity and adventure in our lives

Luann Street

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RV Life

Having an E-bike has opened up activity and adventure in my life!


Reason #3

E-Bikes help you stay riding longer

Because of the E-bikes pedal assistance, you can adjust the amount of ‘help’ you get. You can ride longer than you would on a regular bike because you won’t wear out physically as quickly.

We had good regular bicycles, but we couldn’t go far or see anything because we would get too tired.  Our E-bikes have helped us ride much farther and longer and see way more things than our regular bikes.

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    Reason #4

    E-Bikes help you conquer hills and headwinds

    An E-bike can help you ride anywhere you want to and not worry about hills in your path.  We have ridden up and over the bridge onto Hilton Head Island.  It was just like riding on flat ground.  We don’t have to make adjustments in our routes because we can’t ride up hills or worry about windy conditions in either direction.


    Reason #5

    E-Bikes are great for commuting

    We don’t have experience with riding to work on our bikes, but E-bikes were originally developed to help riders in Europe get back and forth to work quickly and stay out of traffic jams. 

    The added benefit is not being fatigued and sweaty after a commute. Many countries (especially Denmark) have a high volume of bikers commuting to work daily, and this is a solution for them and quite possibly for you too!


    Reason #6

    E-Bikes help you explore the world

    Without our E-bikes, we would not have ridden as far or long as we have done.  

    Our e-bikes have turned our lives into activity and adventure.  We did our first bike overnight in October 2017.  We rode the Arkansas Razorback Greenway and biked 35 miles to another town and stayed the night in a hotel and rode back to our truck the next day.  It was a great time, and we now seek out places to go that have trails to conquer and explore.  

    Now that we RV full-time, we travel to places we can use our bikes more often. This allows us to travel with a focus in mind.

    Remember when you first got your first bike?  The newfound freedom of exploring and how it felt to ride?  Maybe an E-bike can bring back this feeling for you.  E-Bikes have put bike riding back into our lives.  Check out an e-bike convention or show near you to try them out and see if one is right for you!

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      1. Stephanie, We bought our e-bikes from a retailer in Greenville, SC. He let us try them out on the trail for an hour to make sure we liked them. He had different brands and types to try. An e-bike can range anywhere from $1300 – $3000 depending on the features. Ours was on the upper end. We bought a brand called A2B and the model is the Alva+. We use them all the time and are happy. We are always on the lookout for other good ones. Bryan is especially interested in some folding ones we found recently. The problem is that finding a retailer that has a variety to try is not always easy. Try e-bikes shows is you can find one near you. Let us know if you find anything cool! 🙂

        1. I got a HUFFY OSLO Ebike on ebay for 300$.
          This bike is easy to ride and FOLDABLE. Its great to store in our Class A RV. It rides well handles well for me at 6'3" and 200.

    1. These are exactly the same reasons why we want ebikes! They’re a little out of our price range at the moment, but they are definitely on the list.
      Glad to hear you’re loving them so much. 🙂

      1. Michelle! They are a great addition to our RV fun arsenal! We actually want to upgrade to newer models…the technology just keeps changing and getting better. See you on the trails!

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