Learn How RVing Will Change Your Life 

By  Luann Street


Owning an RV is the beginning of creating a lifestyle that will impact you for years to come.  Whether you are a weekend wanderer, free-timer or full-timer...RVing can change your life.

Let's dive into all the ways your  might be impacted by making the RV ownership decision.

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Learn How RVing Will Change Your Life

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Increase Your Vacation Budget

We remember when we bought our first RV we realized that it wasn't as expensive as we thought it was going to be.
This  allowed us to take more vacations and weekend getaways. 

This nice discovery allows you to take your RV for just the weekend and go somewhere. Creating a getaway instead of waiting for that time off or the three or four day weekends.

The smaller costs of campgrounds (vs. hotel or VRBO stays) expand your vacation budget because you're going to be able to get away more.  You will actually do this more and enjoy staying local because you're not as likely to just jump in your car and go to a hotel for the weekend, but your RV is sitting there ready to go. You can have a lot more fun with it that way.

Using RV ownership to increase your vacation budget is definitely a perk in allowing you to get away more often but it also helps on a bigger scale when planning a one or two week vacation.

We did our first extend vacation in our RV in 2014.  We planned an 18 day trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada.  
Being the money person than I am, I decided I wanted to crunch the numbers. And so I compared what it would be traveling in our RV, staying in campgrounds, eating some meals out some meals in the RV and compared to traveling in a car and staying hotels and eating every meal out.

 That 18-day trip actually cost a thousand dollars less than if we had taken it as car road trip and stayed in hotels and ate out more. Even with the factor of lower gas mileage with the RV.  So it really did increase our vacation budget for that trip.

Another thing to consider when looking at how RVing changes your life is that we realized that we will not sitting around on the weekends anymore. 

We were always thinking about how can we get out there? How can we use this RV? We doing what we were normally doing on the weekends anymore,  spending money on the weekends on things like movies and popcorn and dinners out and shopping.

We shifted our focus. And it did increase our vacation budget.  We may have actually saved money. RVing helped us shift our overspending of previously entertaining ourselves in rather unfulfilling ways and gave us a way to create more memories.

"RVing helped us shift our spending of previously entertaining ourselves in rather unfulfilling ways and gave us a way to create more memories" 

~Luann Street


Make Incredible Family Memories

If you are considering buying an RV, you may be thinking the benefit for you is spending time with family and friends and making fun memories.

Owning an RV certainly does just that.  It provides opportunities to relax and do things that you don't normally do in your regular life.  

Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

"Camping is one of the best ways to build connections, escape technology and explore nature.."

Our family has been impacted by RVing in this way.  We did not take the plunge of RV ownership when our kids were young.  We talked about it a few times but never pulled the trigger.  You don't really realize what is on the other end of that decision.  Building those family memories camping are things that become priceless.

RVing must have been our destiny in spite of the path of our early years decisions. Our oldest daughter pulled the trigger on her RV life when her husband landed a remote position for his job.  They took their family on the road for 18 months and gave those children and themselves experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

Our other daughter is in the phase of seriously considering buying an RV.  She has 4 kids and doesn't thing they will ever consider full-timing.  They are running the rat race of work/school/home/repeat and love to plan getaways a couple times a year.  

Realizing the cost of these trips and exploring how an RV could help them do more with their family, now has them shopping and on their way to building their arsenal of family fun.  This is not only going to give just a few times a year for a week long vacation but an opportunity to have these experiences more often.

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Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

"We realized that life flies by and we are not promised tomorrow.  

That shifted our thinking into figuring it out how to full-time  sooner than later."


May Spark A New Lifestyle of Full-timing

This is what happened to us.  When we bought an RV, we never dreamed it would impact us the way it did.

It really sparked us to look deeper into the full-time RV life.  We always had it in the back of our head that we would look into it later in life.  We realized that life flies by and we are not promised tomorrow.  That shifted our thinking into figuring it out how to do in sooner than later.

The freedom you experience and the travel and exploring can really impact you to make a life change.  Those experiences are catalysts to examine what you really want out of your life....it did for us!  Are you really doing what you want to do? Or are you doing what your life has pushed you into?

If full-timing is something that you want to do, GREAT! but if not, it's great to have your RV for part-time and weekend wandering, exploring the country, you know, going to places that you never thought you could exploring the things that you didn't even think would be cool.

We have discovered that our RV lets us explore not only the big things like Mount Rushmore or Yellowstone National Park, which are huge things to discover, but the small things that really make a difference.

And whether you're full-time or not, RV can change your life in that way and finding all the cool, hidden gems.  taking it to the places you only dreamed about.

That's what it did for us, we have been a lot of places we've been now that we would never have been. We would've never gone there because it wasn't on our radar to realize that we would want to spend money or time there.

RVing can change your life is so many unexpected ways.  

These are just a few.  

However you choose to live your RV lifestyle, we encourage you to step outside of what you normally do and try camping somewhere or doing something new to keep the change for good alive.

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