3 Things You Must Do If You Have An RV 

By  Luann Street


Owning an RV is a big investment in time and money.  There are three things you must do to get the most out of that ownership.  

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3 Things You Must Do If You Have An RV

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Make a Plan to Use It!

When you bought your RV, you were all excited and filled with so many dreams of travel.  But sometimes, as time marches on, we let our lives get in the way of using our RV to the fullest.

RV are really meant for travel, not just a destination vacation home.  But after some time of not using it it could become just that.  We have heard people talk about their regrets about buying their RV.  They are frustrated at the cost of storing it so all it resembles to them is a storage unit payment.

Others find their RV becomes a really expensive piece of yard art.  That is a terrible way to view something that once brought you excitement and pleasure.

We don't want you to have to have either of the above scenarios happen to you so let's dive into a couple ways to keep it from happening in the first place.  Or if you are already there, use these tips to change that perspective.

Tip #1 - Keep your RV packed and ready to go

This is the first line of defense when trying to use your RV more often.  It gets tiring packing and unpacking the RV. Try to have a set of most everything duplicated so you don't have to take your kitchen gadgets, like knives and bottle openers back and forth.

When you do get back from a camping trip, take out your towels and sheets to be washed.  When you have washed them, have a special storage bin just for your RV linens and take it back to the RV so they are there for you the next time.  If your RV is in storage, put the bin in an out of the way place for your to grab when you are going to travel.

Tip #2 - Make a PLAN to use it often

Most people's lives are busy and before they know it, another weekend has flown by and they didn't use their RV.

If you don't make a plan to use it, it will become something sitting in your yard or something else to spend money on and not get the benefit from.

Setting goals at the beginning of the year to use is a great strategy.  Mark the days you want to RV on your calendar now and make sure you can get the time off for your trip or vacation.  By planning in advance you will make sure you use your RV often. 

Make your reservations for big holiday weekends now so you don't get caught without a campsite on those 3 day weekends.

Use a travel planner to keep track of all your reservations, like this one - The Complete RV Travel Planner.

You won't regret making the effort to do these things when you are out actually enjoying yourself in your RV.

Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

"Don't let your RV become a storage unit payment  or a piece of yard art. Make a plan to use it!"


Make A Bucket List

Another thing you must do if you own an RV is make a bucket list.  Without a bucket list you will stop planning your travel out of boredom or imagination.

Having places to travel to and things to do and see when you get there is half the fun!  All the prepping and anticipation is so important.  Travel planning is great for your health and mental state.  It makes and keeps you happy because you have something to look forward to and dream about.

So start today by adding at least one place, or one thing to do to your bucket list and begin to use this list to plan out your travels as much as a year in advance.

Keep adding to your list so you never run out of ideas.  


Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

Research backs up that travel planning and anticipating travel is one of the keys to happiness.

3 things you must do if you have an RV

Consider a Full-time Lifestyle

Maybe you have been RVing for years or you just bought an RV and are excited to start using it.  Either way, RVing is a great escape from your normal life.  It becomes a vacation house on wheels and takes you to marvelous places.

But what if you could live a full-time RV life?  Would you do it?  Have you thought about it? I mean seriously thought about it?

When we talk to RVers, we find out there are usually two - three answers to considering a full-time RV life.  

One is, "maybe one day when I retire" and another is "I can't afford it but I would love to do it".  The third one is "I could never live in a small space."  The thing is that all of those answers are limiting beliefs.  You believe that any or all of those things are true in order to protect yourself from possible disappointment if you really had the desire to live full-time.  

Now I am not saying that if you truly don't want to or dislike the idea of full-timing that you are wrong.  What I would like to do is encourage you to consider it without dismissing it completely out of hand before you even get started.  You don't want to miss out on a life changing experience because of 'rules' or limiting beliefs.  

We are living proof that all three of the above answers are able to be overcome with the right mindset.  We went full-time with retirement many years in the future, a middle class income, and absolutely loving the benefits of living in a small space.

Sometimes, people chime in that they can't get rid of all their belongings.  But that reason is often the fa├žade for the fact they would be too overwhelmed to downsize enough to travel full-time. But we would like to say again, you can do anything you put your mind to if your dream is big enough.

We believe that considering a full-time RV life is worth doing.  You never know what a little dreaming and open mindedness can do to your current life.

These are the 3 things we think you must do if you have an RV.   Your RV is an investment that can bring you years of pleasure and memories.  Taking time to make a plan to use it, build your bucket list and even consider a full-time RV life are all things worth doing.  Even if you don't take the full-time plunge you can enjoy the RV life your way.

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