Solutions to Downsizing Overwhelm 

By  Luann Street


Are you thinking of creating a full-time RV lifestyle?  With that decision comes all sorts of actions to take to make sure you get on the road successfully.  One of the actions is downsizing.  Downsizing can be overwhelming and leave you not even knowing where to start.  

Maybe coming up this year you are wanting to make the transition to full-time.  It's all really exciting to think of the life of freedom and travel you can create for yourself.  

But between that decision and the life waiting for you on the road is the monumental task of deciding what to do with all your stuff!  There are so many decisions to make and every other decision hinges on this one.  

Is if your turn to downsize?  If so are you ready to conquer the task? Stay tuned because we have some tips for getting started on this task.

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Solutions to Downsizing Overwhelm

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Start With Items You're Not Attached To

Is downsizing a full-time hurdle for you?  Maybe you you have tried to get started but it just seems so overwhelming .  Downsizing is one of the bigger hurdle to the full-time RV transition.  This hurdle can really hold you back from getting on the road in your RV dream.

There could be other things that are but there are things that are holding you back....things like leaving your friends and family, or finding income.

As you start to think about transitioning to full-time, things crop up.  Emotional things, economical things, and really overwhelming things.  Downsizing is all of those things.

Overcoming the downsizing overwhelm  is something that can be done.  Join us for a few things that could really make a difference in one of your biggest transition tasks.

Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

“Your mindset is so important during the transitions stage of downsizing!  Remember WHY you want to full-time and refocus your energy into the life you are creating and not the stuff that's holding you back.”


Tackle One Room At A Time

Thinking of your house as a whole and looking at everything you own together makes the whole task of downsizing seem insurmountable.

The best thing to do is to take one room at a time and work clockwise around the room.  If your FREEDOM Date is a couple years away, you can move forward with this task by decluttering deeply and start selling things you are not attached to.  If you clear everything out too quickly you could end up in a uncomfortable, empty house until you move into your RV.

Downsizing is a two edged sword.....doing it quickly is hard physically and drawing it out can make you lose momentum and stop altogether.  Try to strike a happy medium.


Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

"The best thing to do is to take one room at a time and work clockwise around the room."

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Don't Let Indecision Slow You Down

As you start to clean out, you will come across things that will stop you in your tracks.  Things you won't be able to make a decision on. 

Many times those things are sentimental items.  They will start to take you down memory lane.  You will want to open things up and revisit those memories and then still not to be able to decide how to handle it.

Put these items aside so you don't lose your forward progress.  You can't stop in the middle of a cluttered room.  You need to get done so you can use that room again.  Come back to these types of items when you can decide what to do with it.

After a time, you will have strengthened your downsizing muscles and it will be easier as you get closer to getting on the road.


Hopefully these tips can get you going in the right direction on your downsizing.  Always remember WHY you are doing this and you will make it through all the emotional, physical and mental components to downsizing.  Your RV dream is waiting for you!

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