Answering Your Biggest Questions About Full-time RVing 

By  Luann Street


We often get questions about our full-time RVing lifestyle.  These range from how do we get mail to will we kill each other?  

Let's explore 3 of the most frequently asked questions we get about our lifestyle.  

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Answering Your Biggest Questions About Full-time RVing

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Is It Right For Me?  Will I Like It?

Thinking about the full-time RV lifestyle is intriguing.  Once you start thinking about the possibility, doubt creeps in and you need to explore these thoughts.

If you have had an RV before and this desire for a very long time then it's most likely right for you.  You already know some of the situations you may find yourself in and you have developed ways to manage the compromises that you will encounter.

If you have never RVed before, you might rent an RV for a vacation or road trip to help eliminate those worries about not liking it.  Having at least one experience camping in an RV will help you set expectations about the full-time lifestyle that you may not have considered before.

Liking it is always another question.  If you love to travel, explore new places and meet new people, you will love the full-time RV life.

But if you hesitate on these answers because you can think of all the compromises you will be making then your love of doing it may not outweigh the inconveniences of full-timing.   You may still like it but need to work on your mindset of what you are trading your life for. 

"Renting an RV is an excellent way to try on the full-time lifestyle before you

dive headfirst into the unknown." 

~Luann Street


Will We Kill Each Other?

Moving into a small space, triggers a lot of questions and emotions in people considering full-timing.  We think about our lives now and find it hard to imagine being with the one we love in a small space, for hours on end and being together all the time.

There are definitely things about this that need some examination.  Firstly, you have to set up some boundaries with each other.  Discuss how you will handle situations that you can foresee in this full-time lifestyle.

Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

 "The reluctant partner needs to see how their resistance to full-timing can keep their loved one from fulfilling their own dreams."

The next part of this is agreement on your goals for the lifestyle.  If one of you is more enthusiastic than the other for full-timing maybe you need to step back and help each other understand your reasons why or why not you want this or are resistant to the idea.

The last thing you want is a reluctant travel partner that you have to convince to do everything and deal with their unhappiness.  On the other hand, the reluctant partner needs to see how their resistance to full-timing can keep their loved one from fulfilling their own dreams.  

This is a definite conversation that needs to be had before you dive too deeply into a commitment to a full-time RV life.

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Bryan Street

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"Asking the right questions when making a campground reservation will be the difference between being able to work from your RV or not."


How can we work remotely if internet is unreliable. Can we make it work with enough tech and planning?

The answer to this is a resounding YES!

So many RVers are doing this right now ....today!  Now, is it easy and a set it a forget it solution?  No, it's not.

The easier part (but not inexpensive) is your tech set up.  Depending on your level of dependency of type of resources you will using to work remotely there are a lot of moving pieces.  The Mobile Internet Resource Center is a great place to get information for all things data, phone and remote work set up. 

The compromise of this lifestyle is if you have to work you may not be able to camp anywhere and everywhere you want.  That being said,  planning ahead means you can have your cake and eat it too....just maybe not in the same way.

A lot of Corp of Engineer and state parks are beautiful places to camp but because of their locations you may not have the data signal you for a stable work environment.  It all depends on cell tower, strength of signal and internet traffic in that area.

When locating a campground for our travel adventures, Bryan has worked out a qualifying question when making our reservation.  He asks if they are aware of the cell/data signal in the park and if they know of someone who camps there works remotely.   

Often times the person on the phone will answer, 'yes! I have Verizon and I have signal' but making a phone call or texting is not the same as a zoom call or video conference.  Even streaming Netflix is not a good indicator of data strength. 

One work around is to go work at a local library or coffee shop with blazing WIFI.  We have done this many times.  We have heard (we haven't verified for ourselves) that the signal outside Lowes or Home Depot's Contractor entrance is a great place for fast data signal.

These are only some of the most frequently asked questions we get about full-timing.  We host a Bootcamp every quarter where you can ask your own burning questions about the full-time RV life. 

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