One Thing You Have To Stop Saying If You Want To Full-Time 

By  Luann Street


Our words and our thoughts are things that have an impact on our actions.  What we say  impacts our lives more than we know.  

If you are in the habit of saying SOMEDAY when it comes to full-timing, you may wake up one day and find out SOMEDAY has passed and you never did what you really wanted to.  

Learn more as we share why saying SOMEDAY can really be working against you when it comes to full-timing.

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One Thing You Have To Stop Saying If You Want To Full-Time

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You Have To Stop Saying SOMEDAY!

This is the one thing that you have to stop doing when it comes to doing things in your life.  If you really want to accomplish something you need to do something different in order for it to happen.

If you want to create a full time RV life, this is really important.

This is something that we have experienced ourselves, that we have done before.  And so we can say that this is a really impactful thing in your life.

SOMEDAY is a word that is so easily spoken. What does SOMEDAY really mean? We think it means, yes it sounds good, put it on the list but I don't have time for it now.  But when will you have time for it?  

When you say SOMEDAY, you're not committing anything, so you don't have to do anything about it.  It's like pie in the sky.  Maybe SOMEDAY I will do this or do that.  

The problem is is that when we keep saying SOMEDAY, we don't ever take action on anything. Then we wake up one day and have these epiphanies of like, "Oh, I thought I would be full-time by now because the, of course that's what I wanted to do!"  

We you don't want that to happen to you.  You don't want to wake up, you might be thinking now I want, I want to RV SOMEDAY, but I've got this, this, this, this to do.

We all have those things, right? It's like you're  waiting for something in your life to change or, or something to get better.  You're always waiting for something to shift in order to make that thing happen for you.

We're here to tell you that that doesn't happen. You actually have to change your SOMEDAY to the day.  Even if it's years from now.

We know that you are reading this and have the desire to full-time.   Maybe you're  hope you can do it in the next year or two, or maybe it's still five years away.   Either way, that SOMEDAY needs to become something more than that word in order for what you want to be a reality in your life.

Set a date, it will make the difference between realizing your RV dream or letting it pass you by.

BRyan Street

Where the Streets wander

"The problem is that no matter how

 long you wait or how much you wish 


will never get any closer ."


Begin to FOCUS

So what we want you to do is begin to focus on this desire.  After you set a timeline you can really begin to focus on what it will take to get you there.

As we begin to focus, resistance creeps in.  Creating a full-time RV life is a big change!  Change creates resistance and resistance shows up in the form of limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are things that we think we can't do for whatever reason.  But we believe they are true.

In another article we explore identifying what is holding you back from full-timing.  This article resonates with a lot of people because our thoughts can hold us back from moving forward.

There are physical things that can hold you back from full timing but mostly it's the mindset that stops you. 

We don't always identify the things in that way. It might be that you are saying SOMEDAY because of fear.   Fear comes in many, many disguises. 

Fear can happen when you're afraid of what you don't know. The thing is is we all have stuff we don't know.

Fear of the unknown can really be a powerful thing. 

So that is where the focus comes into play - what you are doing today actually makes a difference for later.  Your daily decisions will make a difference. 

W e make decisions all day long. We don't realize sometimes how those decisions in the moment are going to affect us down the road.

Thinking back to our personal RV transition,  we had to really think about the things that we were doing in our life that would affect our desire to full-time down the road. Our daily decision were impacting us keeping us from moving forward to our full-time life. We needed to stop spending money in certain places and shift our budget around so that things could be different,  not go out and the weekends  think about our RV life and what we really needed to be focusing on.

You need to stop saying SOMEDAY and focus.

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Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

"FOCUS on what you really want.

Identify what's holding you back."


Take Action

The next thing that you need to do is take action.

This is so important that - when you start taking action towards your dream, things start to happen.  You get a whole different way of looking at things.

Action overcomes fear. Not the kind of fear like, you're shaking in your boots afraid, but it's that resistance to actually making a change in your life and all that stems from not knowing what you're getting into, not knowing what to expect, not having that perspective of full timing.

We remember when we first wanted to go full-time and  we were making all these changes in our life, fear crept in.

But as we kept learning more and more about the lifestyle, it helped us keep eliminating our own objections and inner fears.

 With knowledge, we started to make this transition.    Knowledge really does help you overcome those, those mental reservations that are always going on in your head.  That word SOMEDAY is that protection against actually making a commitment to doing something and making a change.

Taking action can come in the form of a few things.  Like learning more about the lifestyle. Even now, if you're thinking this is a still years down the road for you can still start taking the actions now that will move you closer to your goal.

With knowledge your whole perspective about what it really is and what you're getting into is going to change.  It helps you really focus in on what you're going to expect.  It can really help you shift your SOMEDAY into gear and possibly do it sooner. That is what it did for us.

Our 15 years became 10 years became five years, became one year.  We can tell you that that mental shift when we began taking action.

The magic bullet was setting the date. That is definitely the first part of taking action. When you put a date down that changes from SOMEDAY to a day, and it makes all the difference.

So many things in our lives we want, or hope for, but until you put action behind that hope or that want, you're not going to get what you truly desire and you will let things get in the way. 

Don't let that happen to you - take action.

"If you don't take action, you haven't really decided."  - Tony Robbins

Stop saying SOMEDAY, begin to focus and then start taking action and watch your RV dream become a reality.

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