6 Ugly Truths About Full-Time RVing 

By  Luann Street


When you think about RVing you think TRAVEL, DESTINATIONS and FUN, FUN, FUN!  But the truth is that living in your RV is not always a picnic.  If you are considering making the lifestyle change be sure to go into your decision with the right mindset.

Let's dive into the 6 Ugly Truths About Full-time RVing & set your expectations before you transition to avoid the disappointment when your RV life doesn't go as planned.  

6 Ugly Truths

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6 Ugly Truths About

Full-Time RVing

6 Ugly Truths About Full-Time RVing

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Your RV Life Is Not All Travel

When you live in your RV you cannot possibly travel every day. Or even every week for that matter!

Unless, you just can’t stand to sit still or have endless income, traveling that frequently is not possible or even desirable.

Once you set off on your full-time RV adventure you will get a rhythm and figure out how often moving is comfortable for you.  

If your budget dictates how often you move….you may find that monthly rates or even seasonal rates may fit your lifestyle better.  The most important thing is to not wear yourself out driving all the time and feel like you always have to be somewhere.  

This is one sure way to burn out quickly.  You are LIVING this way, it’s not a vacation, pace yourself and you will enjoy your RV lifestyle more!

"The lifestyle has its own unique set of challenges as does

everything in life." 

~Luann Street


Your RV Life Is Hard

Things break on your RV, you get delayed in traffic, You break down on the side of the road or you get sick.  

All of those things may keep you in one place for a period of time.  Knowing that is can happen is a step towards acceptance and the mindset that won’t send you back to your old life before you are ready.

Working remotely can be an ugly truth as well as a benefit.  The struggle of being trapped in your RV to work for hours is hard.  Never getting away from your work is hard.  You have to make a plan to treat your job as a job and set hours and stop so you can still enjoy your RV life.

 This ugly truth is one that you can control with your time management and your attitude.

Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

"Your RV life can't be a vacation

all the time."


Your RV Life Is Not a Vacation

Sometimes your RV life feels like an endless vacation.  Although this feels amazing, it's just not realistic. Just like above when we talked about travel, your RV life can't be a vacation all the time.

 You have responsibilities & appointments.  You can't eat out every day as you would on vacation because that would leave your wallet empty and your waistline overgrown.

Finding balance in your RV life can be challenging but putting in place some personal guidelines can keep your RV life going in the right direction.

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Your RV Life Doesn't Give You The Freedom You Want

This ugly truth seems ironic.  You do have complete freedom to do what you want and go where you want, except your budget won’t allow it, your remote job isn’t flexible, the place you wanted to go is filled up.

RV freedom is relative.  You do have more choices but it’s not always perfect all the time and you still have the responsibility for your income production, your family and yourself.


Your RV Life Will Challenge Your Patience With Your Partner

The idea that RVing will make you love the one you are with more is a fallacy.  

What it will do is it will change you.  You will develop more patience (or not), you will become more loving (or not) or his or her idiosyncrasies will be magnified in a smaller space.  

You will have to work harder to be loving.  A lot of the time this will be the first time you have spent this much time with your partner.  

Be prepared to be annoyed but also be prepared to respond in love and acceptance and work through the transition to sharing a small space with the one you love.

Talk about strategies to conflict resolution before you get into the heat of the moment.  If he is mad... where will he go to cool off?

 If she is hurt what can she do to help him understand and get him to listen?  Talk about all this before you get in the RV…you will be glad you did!

Luann Street

Where the

Streets wander

"If you are not happy in your current life, you may not be happy in an RV life."


Your RV Life Will Find You Sick & Finding Healthcare on the Road

Unfortunately, you will get sick if you travel in your RV long enough.  Not because of your RV but because it will happen sooner or later.

Being prepared with a plan when that happens can lessen the stress of getting sick in the moment.  Knowing what your insurance benefits are and where the phone number is to communicate with the company is important.


Knowing where the nearest emergency room or urgent care is in the area you are camping is important.

In addition to all that, having access to healthcare at your fingertips can be amazing! 

RV Health is your personal 24/7 virtual clinic wherever you are.

It goes beyond urgent care by putting a primary care physician at your fingertips on your computer or smartphone.  You will have face to face interaction through Telehealth 2.0 with a doctor and get advice immediately and peace of mind. 

There are days I think we

made a mistake

WHAT?  You think you made a mistake?  Well, yes, we are only human.  Doubts creep in and we have to keep the benefits in front of us when the ugly truths creep in.  

Did any of the things we have talked about happened in our stick & bricks life?  Of course!  But when something negative happens to you, it’s natural to blame the cause of the distress: broken RV, too much work, conflict, not traveling enough, too much traveling?

Living in your RV is not a key to happiness – if you are not happy in your current life, you may not be happy in an RV life.  Happiness should be an internal thing.  

We can be uncomfortable in circumstances but circumstances can and do change but true happiness comes from within.  Don’t think that living in an RV and traveling alone will bring you happiness.  The lifestyle has its own unique set of challenges as does everything in life.

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Luann Street

I have a passion to help people who want to travel, design an RV life they love! I was a full-timer along with my husband, Bryan for 5 years. I am now learning to RV solo.

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    1. Thanks Kevin! Somedays are just tougher than others and life happens….just because we RV and it’s amazing doesn’t mean things don’t affect us. I appreciate the feedback!

  1. I have been full time RVing for 6 years now and have found no problem with any of these issues described. We would have more open spaces available in parks if any of this was true. Instead more people every day take on the lifestyle.

    1. Hi Sharon! I agree everyday people are taking on this lifestyle and its wonderful! But the article was to help people realize that just because we are RVing and it’s amazing that our lives will still have stuff happen that we have to deal with just like our life was before we started RVing. RVing doesn’t solve your problems it does create different ones…it’s just life! Setting expectations is important! I’m glad you haven’t felt that way at all!

  2. Great to see a (rare) truthful article! Especially the working part. A bad day-job doesn’t get any better by taking it on the road! You just have the added “benefit” of an amazing view out your window from where you are stuck indoors for those same 10 hours. 😉 It’s all about keeping a positive attitude, no matter what happens.

    1. Well, it’s really about setting expectations about your new life. It helps to consider all things before making a life change and really think things through. A new RV life won’t make you happy if you can’t get happy in your current one. 🙂

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