Common Misconceptions About Full-timing 

By  Luann Street


There are many benefits and misconceptions about the full-time RV lifestyle.

If you have the RV bug, you probably can rattle off a bunch of benefits that you feel full-time RV living can give you. But what about the misconceptions....?

If you are still contemplating this lifestyle let us help you see the common misconceptions through experienced eyes.

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Common Misconceptions About Full-timing

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Misconception #1 -

Full-time RVing is 100% travel

Many people think that people who RV full-time are traveling every day or even every week.  That is just not true. 

Travel is fun but also tiring.  Moving every day is just not feasible, budget-friendly or enjoyable.  You are not on vacation. You do not have to see everything right now.

Full-time RVers are living their daily lives just like they did in their old lives.  Their work lives look differently but they still live out their days as they did before,  only now they are location independent.  

We often stay a month at a location.  This allows us to see the area and fully immerse ourselves in our location.  We make plans to site-see, ride our bikes or kayak.  

Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

"Full-timing is not 100% travel all the time."


Misconception #2 -

Full-timing Costs a Fortune

Another common misconception is that full-time RVing costs a fortune.  While this is not true, every full-time RVer has a unique and personal budget for their style of RVing. 

You can full-time simply or extravagantly but the beauty is you choose….you choose how much you travel, which determines fuel costs.  You choose where you camp which determines nightly costs.  

You choose how long you stay -  also factors into campground costs.  The bills that you bring into your RV lifestyle are often the ones that determine your success financially. 

Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

"You can full-time simply or extravagantly but the beauty is you choose!"

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Misconception #3 -

 RVing Is Only For Retirees.

There is a whole movement right now for downsizing and traveling.  Younger and younger people are embracing the RV lifestyle with their children and traveling and working remotely.

COVID-19 has completely changed the face of what remote work is.  The positive thing that has come out of the pandemic is that employers who were against remote work before might now embrace it and even choose to move their business forward with this employment model.

Our daughter and her husband took his job remote, sold their house, bought an RV and traveled the US with their 4 children for two years.  They home (road) schooled their kids along the way and have memories they will never forget.  You can’t ever replace that!

If we all wait until we are 65 or to even start the adventure we will miss out on some of the opportunities this lifestyle provides.  

If you are already that age...don’t worry there is still time to experience this lifestyle, travel and meet new people and spend time doing what you want to do!  But don't wait an amazing lifestyle awaits you!

Did you see any preconceived ideas of your own above?  Which one has you thinking about how you might be able to start working towards a full-time life?  You can join us in our next Full-time RV Workshop where where you will have an opportunity to learn more about the full-time RV lifestyle.

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