3 Ways To Deal With People Who Are Negative About Your Full-time RV Dream 

By  Luann Street


So....you have decided to explore full-time RV living or maybe you have definitely made the decision that it's what you are going to do.

You are excited and start to share your dream and plans with your family and friends.  But something happens, instead of everyone being happy for you and encouraging you, you are met with comments and reactions that leave you angry, hurt and doubting your dream.

Unfortunately this happens way too often.  People you love, friends who have been there for you are now making you feel crazy or hurt.

It doesn't have to be this way.  Let's dive into 3 ways to help you navigate negative reactions to your Full-time RV dream & turn around those emotions to a healthy perspective for everyone!

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3 Ways To Deal With People Who Are Negative About Your Full-Time RV Dream

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Reasons Why People Are Negative

Behind every human comment and behavior stand a reason for the reaction.  To understand this behavior you need to understand where the reaction is coming from.

In the scenario of your announcement to full-time RV, your friends and family are going to have mixed emotions.  Most of the time you are going to get a 'high five'....that's great....wow, I wish I could do that!  Those are reactions that people who love you usually give.

However, there can be one or two that says something hurtful and react unexpectedly.  

You may be thinking: Why did they say that?  Am I crazy? Are they right?   And the thoughts begin to multiply.

STOP....let's look at the reasons they may be doing this.

1. They are scared.

     Most peoples initial negative reaction comes from fear.  They are afraid....most likely they don't know why...and they lash out.  They might be scared for you because they heard that one story about the people who were in their RV and were hurt.  They don't want that for you.  

Another reason they are scared is that this lifestyle means they are losing you.  You won't be next door, down the block or in the same town anymore.  They are scared of losing you.

2.  They are jealous.

      A negative reaction can stem from jealousy.  They aren't knowingly green with envy...but your announcement triggered something inside.  Maybe they have had the same thoughts but shot them down because of their own inner conflict.  

Now you are going to do what they can't or won't do and they are responding out of jealousy.

3.  They are selfish.

      Their reaction can come from a place of selfishness.  They are comfortable having you around....maybe you are a great help to them in their life and have come to depend too heavily on you.  You launching off into a new lifestyle has them realizing a loss and letting you know about it.

Any of these or even more underlying reasons for their negativity are a place to start understanding their perspective.  Unfortunately we often lash back out or quit our dream if we aren't careful to understand why this is happening.

Now that we have a place to start, let's get to work on the relationships we want to keep and turn their negative reactions into encouragement and understanding for you.


Help Them Understand Why It's Important To You 

One of the best ways to help people who are negative about your going full-time is to help them understand why this is important to you.

Interestingly enough, you probably haven't completely articulated your reasons for your self.  That is why inside our Transition to Full-time RV Living Bootcamp we spend a whole session on your WHY.

If you take the time to helps those close to you understand your reasons, the Negative Nellies will change their tunes into encouragement.  If not encouragement, understanding with no negative comments is a great start.

Let them know you are not going into the decision lightly.  Maybe you have joined the Full-time RV Framework and you can assure them you are with like minded people and you are being trained on what you need to know to make the full-time lifestyle a success.....share that with them.

The full-time RV lifestyle is not for everyone.  You can't expect everyone to understand how cool you think it is....if they have never experienced it or dreamed about it.  However, as your friend or family member who loves you...you can expect them to accept it and not be negative.

A heartfelt conversation can go a long way to turning their negativity into encouragement.

Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

"A heartfelt conversation of your WHY can go a long way to turning their negativity into encouragement."

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Be Intentional With Your Relationship With Them

By sharing your reasons for full-timing you are taking the first step to being intentional with your relationship with them.

If you have identified the core reason for their negativity, you can appeal to healing any rift that has been cause.  

Taking time to have lunch with them during your transition is a great way to make them feel like maybe they aren't going to lose you or that you may be too busy for them.

Ask for their help with your garage sale or offer some of your cast offs to them...they may like to be included in the process.

Elicit their ideas on keeping your relationship alive while you travel and between visits back to see them.  We wrote an article Maintaining Relationships With Family & Friends While RVing that has tons of ideas to be intentional about your relationship on the road.

Get their input on ways that will make both of you feel good about your relationship.  Involving them makes them feel like they are important to you.

Luann Street

Where the Streets wander

"Elicit their ideas on keeping your relationship alive while you travel and between visits back to see them."


Don't Let Their Negativity Affect Your Decision

The final thing that you can do and this is most important!


This dream is yours and yours alone.  You are the one who knows what's important to you.  

Your decision to full-time is ultimately yours.  If you have tried to help them understand and your efforts have been in vain, please don't give up on what you truly want.

You deserve the life you have dreamed about.

If you have done the homework, made your plan and desire the full-time RV lifestyle, then it's up to you do do it.

People who truly love you may never understand and that's ok....but they will want the best for you.

If you need help with encouragement in creating the life of freedom and travel that you have dreamed about, reach out to us in the comments.

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