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I'm  Luann!

In my RV life I have been a full-timer, part-timer and a free-timer.  I'm on a mission to help those who love to travel, overcome the obstacles that they encounter in their RV life through my weekly LIVE shows, free resources and paid RV specific products.  Stay tuned and I can help you Design Your RV Life!

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What others say about Design Your RV Life

This planner is amazing. So thorough and detailed! Better than I was even expecting!

A. Wade

We joined the workshop because we are going fulltime in 6 months and wanted to see if our plan was on track. The hosts are very friendly and willing to answer questions. The best thing is it confirmed that we were on track and That we are both on the same plan and it's a realistic plan for us. Plus it made for a great date night! We did our homework together, too. It was great information all in one place. 

J. Duncan

WOW!!! What a great strategy for downsizing. I just read the whole plan through as you suggested. It's a great motivator. Thank you for taking an overwhelming task and making it a hopeful reality. Blessing!!!

E. Thiemann

I used your reservation log last year on our cross country trip. What a time saving document it was- planning out our campsites got soooooo much easier with the written info in front me . No more double booking, etc. We carried the reservation log into the front desks-several campgrounds wanted to know where we got this as they thought it was such a good planning tool. Thanks, Becky for making my life easier !!!

R. Steadman

Get Access to A Unique Travel Planning Tool for Easier RV Travel